Monday, October 10, 2011


This post marks my 500th entry on Liddy Cakes.  I started this blog on a whim with the original goal of keeping track of fun recipes we've tried and as a creative outlet for myself.  I always enjoyed writing so it seemed the perfect excuse to keep those creative juices flowing.  However, over the years, and the 500 posts, this blog has turned into a living journal for my family.  What started out as a husband, wife and dog, has turned into a father, mother, son and seemingly attention depraved dog (but please don't let her fool you, she's as spoiled as ever.)

We've experienced the most amazing
joys, found ourselves surrounded by the best friends and family anyone could ask for, enjoyed gourmet and not-so gourmet but still equally delicious meals, hosted dinner parties, and traveled the world, more than once.  

All along, we've found ways to make what might seem like mundane work weeks "blogworthy" as we've ventured out to
parades, wineries, new restaurants, beaches, and parks.  It might sound silly, but I do believe this blog has pushed me to try new things, to turn what might be an enjoyably lazy Saturday into an adventure, all for the thrill of having some fun and (hopefully) something inspiring to post on the blog. Let's face it, when you document your life, it ought to be worth documenting.  So, thank you Liddy Cakes, for pushing us to explore our surroundings, experiment in the kitchen, and record these sometimes fleeting moments in our life that we will be able to treasure always. 

Here's to another 500 blogworthy moments!

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