Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Harper's Silly Faces...

I take a lot of pictures of both kids - always have - but I tend to have quite a few more of Harper as he is not nearly as cooperative as Adam is in smiling for a pic. Thus my phone is full of all kinds of random Harper pics that I can't resist sharing.

Of course Adam can usually get him to pose....

Camping at Phohick Bay with Friends...

Once the snow melted and the ground was back to being thawed out (took all of 3 if that) we headed off for our first camping weekend of the year. A good friend of mine from growing up recently got a camper for her family and so we decided to tag along on their inaugural camping adventure. 

The weather was perfect - back to short sleeves and shorts - as we'd been accustomed to! It was also a trip down memory lane driving through our old neck of the woods to get there. 

As we had been packing I was thinking of how we'd need to bring toys for Harper to play with on the carpet outside the camper, you know, since the last time we had camped that's exactly what he did...of course that was in November when he wasn't walking yet, so yeah, this was a different experience. Haha! Needless to say it was a much more active camping trip chasing Harper around - but we loved every moment! 

Also keeping us on our toes was Adam who was so excited to finally be able to ride a bike around a campground! He rode that thing round and round the campground loop at least 50 times and we had fun walking behind pushing Harper in his bike or just keeping tabs on him from our walkie talkies - giving him a bit of leash - but not too much! :) 

We enjoyed an old fashioned dinner around the campfire with our friends. Cooking hot dogs over the fire followed up by smore's of course. 

In the morning, thanks to our early morning wake-up call from Harper, we were able to sneak out for a sunrise hike along the bay. It was so pretty and a perfect way to start the day. Pancakes were the reward. 

The rest of the weekend was all about running around the park, playing lacrosse, chasing Harper around, bike rides, and even some sparklers to top off a great first camping trip of 2017! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Snow Day - Finally...

(Disclaimer - yeah yeah, I get I'm way behind...better late than never right?) 

You know the saying "boy if I had a nickle for every time I heard xyz..." well boy if I had a nickle for every time I heard Adam ask "When is it going to snowwwwwwwwww?!" this winter - well, I'd likely have enough nickles to just buy a darn snow making machine to appease him! 

So yeah, it was a warm winter - hence this post about the great weather we'd been enjoying (http://liddycakes.blogspot.com/2017/03/spring-came-early.html) - and it did seem like we were never going to get a single snow day - that is until March when the snow decided to make an appearance. Naturally the weather people had us all a twitter with snowfall amounts predicted to be near a foot - but then that quickly got changed to possibly only a few inches. Needless to say Adam's excitement level was all over the place - and he was sure to have his pajamas on inside out before bed. 

We did wake up to enough white stuff on the ground and roads to cancel school for the day and the kids had a ball! There were early morning snuggles in bed and pancakes for breakfast. The next door neighbors were over nearly all day and forts were built, sledding ramps were paved, and snow balls fights (and snowball snacks!) were enjoyed. While I had been enjoying that spring time weather and the trees that had started to bloom - I will admit it was fun to get that snow day in and to watch the kids have such a great time together. 

Bonus! Harper got to really enjoy his first snow experience (we was a bit too young to remember anything from the blizzard last year). Luckily we had all the gear he needed leftover from Adam including a great sled that has a strap in it. He was loving life out there in the snow and with his friends as well. 

The kids might not have gotten 10+ days off like they did last year, but I'd say they'd consider this one snow day to be good enough.