Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Long Long Honeymoon...

I'd like to think that this (almost) daily journal of our lives is Andy's favorite blog to read, but I'm up against some tough competition now that we've entered the world of camper ownership.  After a quick check of the morning's headlines on WTOP, Andy's next stop during his morning coffee is always Long Long Honeymoon

Basically it's about a couple that bought an Airstream and spent their honeymoon "getting hitched," as their slogan makes very clear.  They still kept their day jobs, but as their blog gains more and more momentum it's inevitable that they'll eventually strike gold with some Travel Channel contract allowing them to extend their honeymoon just a bit longer. 

I will say that it is a clever site, pairing camping tips and tricks with witty commentary and destinations that make you anxious to get back out on the road to experience the adventures in person. 

So as a, no so handcrafted, Father's Day present, Andy was also gifted with an official "Long Long Honeymoon," t-shirt, and I couldn't resist buying a matching one for myself.

I suppose it's official, I'm a camper and I have the shirt to prove it.  Though I must say, if it means we can continue our own Long Long Honeymoon, then I say bring it on!

Friday, June 29, 2012

A handmade and heartfelt Father's Day...

I remember making handmade gifts for my dad in Girl Scouts each year.  I don't quite remember what they actually were, but I know they were handcrafted and while I'm sure they served absolutley no practical purpose, my dad's face would still light up as he'd open whatever popsicle stick, pipe cleaner concoction was hiding under that thin sheet of decorated tissue paper. 

It's a bit like deja vu, watching Adam come home from school with handcrafted treasures and while I'm sure the look on Adam's face is one of extreme pride, I'm more focused on that familiar beam that shines from Andy's face.  The kind of look that only a dad can make.  

This year Adam came home with a handmade card from school that had a poem attached:

 "Daddy's Boy"
Author: Patsy Gaut
My little eyes are watching,
My ears are listening too.
They take in everything
That you say and do.

My little hands are eager
To do the things you do.
I'm hoping and I'm dreaming
I'll grow up just like you.

I am just a little guy
Who knows that you are wise
You'll teach me what I need
For someone just my size.

I'm a bright eyed little fellow
Who is watching what you do
And I'm waiting for the day
I'll be grown up just like you.

I'm not sure there are better words to describe the relationship between Adam and his Dad.  Change the title to "Daddy's Girl" and I'm certain it would have fit perfectly on the back of a popsicle stick picture frame featuring a photo of the best Dad I could ask for and me sitting on his lap.

Happy Father's Day to all those amazing dads out there.  With special love being sent out to my pops, the pops that taught my son's pops to be so awesome and of course to the best pops Adam could ask for! XOXOXO

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Father's Day Weekend Camping...

To say that I was surprised that Andy wanted to go camping for Father's Day weekend would be inaccurate, ha.  Of course that's what he wanted to do!  Adam, Liddy and I were more than happy to oblige.  With campgrounds filling up months in advance, our only option was to head to Lake Fairfax in Reston. 

We actually really enjoy this campground and we picked our usual site which has a big "front yard" and makes for a great soccer/football field and also a great golf course for Adam.  It's also very close to the club so Andy was able to sneak in 9 holes and we were able to take advantage of the pool.  We even had Olivia and Aunt Kathleen over for a quick swim. 

My only reservation about camping over Father's Day weekend is that it's also US Open weekend.  Alas, with modern technology, we were able to watch coverage on our iPads in front of a crackling fire and on Saturday night we went all out and moved the tv outside so we could watch coverage with a crackling fire behind us getting absolutely no attention.  I'm certain the other campers were mocking us, and I'm ok with that. 

We also got to have a great pre-Father's day dinner with Andy's Dad (and Ommy too!).  Adam had a great time shucking corn with Poppy and Ommy couldn't stop laughing at Adam taking a BIG bite form his big boy hamburger.  It was a a simple gathering, but it was perfect. 

I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of camping over Father's Day weekends in the future, and that's cool, as long as there's a fire...and a device to watch the US Open. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Next Food Network Star?!

Now that Adam has mastered the fine culinary art of making "samaliches," we figured it was time to graduate to the next level...baking treats for Liddy. 

We didn't have the necessary ingredients to make Liddy Cakes, but we did have some very ripe bananas and so Andy and his Sous Chef, Adam, aproned up and got to work.

What could be better than squishing bananas between your fingers?

Or getting to scoop flour and pour it into a bowl full of squishy bananas?

It's all almost as fun as getting to use an electric hand mixer! 

We might have had four messy hands to clean up, but we had one happy Liddy!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Catchin' waves!

It's official, while we've known it for awhile, we can now say for certain that Adam is a fish!! He LOVES the ocean, and while I'd prefer he be a little more hesitant when it comes to that big mass of water, I can't deny that it makes me smile to see him splashing around in the waves. Reminds me of my childhood, just try to find a picture of our beach trips without Mark and I in the water, I dare you!

One of our beach days in Deleware we had a more calm ocean to deal with, which meant Adam was able to really enjoy the water, and I was able to breathe a bit easier. Seriously, how happy does this kid look?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Camper Bistro...

We might be "camping" but you won't find us heating up a can of beans over the fire for dinner.  We've found ways to whip up fantastic meals on our various adventures and our recent trip to the Delaware Shore was no exception.

After noticing that we were staying right down the street from a perfect spot to hunt for mussels we immediately threw on our water shoes, emptied Adam's beach toy basket and rode our bikes down to the bay.  In less than five minutes we had all the mussels we needed for a great shell fish appetizer! 

For lunch the next day we found a local seafood market where we bought fresh sea scallops and big, pink shrimp that we turned into a light seafood salad.  We mixed up some Bloody Mary's with Old Bay and had the perfect beach day lunch while Adam napped.

Our vacation home on wheels might not have a gourmet kitchen but we love the challenge of finding creative ways to dish up "good eats!"

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Airplane watching...

Airplanes never fail to scoop up all of Adam's attention.  He could be in the middle of talking to Santa Claus, whilst riding on the Polar Express, drinking hot chocolate and eating cake and an airplane flying over head would make him stop and watch until it was out of sight.  Yep, he's pretty serious about his plane watching...

Camping on the Delaware Shore...

Last weekend we turned our vacation home on wheels into a vacation home on the Delaware shore.  We stayed at a state park on the Indian River Inlet, and what it lacked in landscaping it more than made up for with spectacular views of the sun setting on the bay and the full moon the followed. 

We were about 400 yards from the beach and with our bikes, bike trailer and Andy's exceptional problem solving skills, we had the perfect mode of transportation to get us from A to B.

This is the first time I've ever stayed near Bethany Beach and I have to say, I'm in love.  It is such a cute little beach town and it doesn't hurt that there is an ice cream shop on the board walk called "Maureen's."  I can rarely find my name on coffee mugs in gift shops so to see it there with the words "ice cream" after it was quite a sight! 

The best part though, was the fact that we weren't really on vacation.  It was just a weekend.  I'd almost be tempted to say "with weekends like this, who needs a vacation," but I won't. ;)

Our clever solution to keeping Adam in one spot!

Friday, June 8, 2012

One for the for Adam...

Though it was probably more like, one for the pie, six for Adam...but at least he offered to help make our patriotic dessert to cap off our Memorial Day weekend. 

And to all those who have served and who continue to serve our country, we can't say thank you enough! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Water, water, everywhere!

Knowing that while the pools on top of the mountain would be open they would also be freezing we decided to bring up a water table so Adam and Olivia could still enjoy some water fun.  And boy did they have fun!

There wasn't a dry seat in the house (or on the deck rather) as the two of them giggled their way through the afternoons dumping water on themselves, on each other, on ME, and more appropriately, on Andrew! :) 

Water tables are definitely the best $30 you can spend.  Add to the toys that come with the table some measuring spoons and a few pieces of tupperware and you've got an activity that will keep the attention of energetic toddlers until their fingers are beyond pruny and their beloved family members are drenched. 

A great way to spend an afternoon in the mountains!

(Thanks Uncle Lee for the great pics!!)