Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing catch...

Somebody get this boy a contract...

Oh yeah, I think he knows he's pretty awesome...

(Thanks Uncle Lee for snapping these action shots!) ;)

Golfin' on the mountain...

A big THANK YOU to Uncle Mark for watching Adam while we played golf not once, but twice during our holiday weekend at Wintergreen. 

And while the golf wasn't always pretty, the views and weather certainly was!

Bonus was getting fitted for some new clubs during their Callaway Demo Days.  Now we'll just have to wait and see if these clubs help make the golf any prettier! ;)

Memorial Day Weekend...part I

As we often do, we headed down to Wintergreen for the holiday weekend.  We both took Friday off so we could enjoy an even longer weekend so first thing Friday morning we loaded the family in the car and made our way to the mountain. 

As per usual, our first stop was the Harris Teeter in Charlottesville where we loaded up on some supplies for a picnic lunch.  We then took our picnic to the Wintergreen Winery and were so happy to be greeted by a nice breeze and some shade from the clouds, so we were able to enjoy being outdoors. 

Adam and Liddy had fun, as always, running around and playing together.  Liddy chases Adam, Adam chases Liddy, and every now and again, they stop to show each other some love...

We also spent some time dipping our toes in the creek that runs by the winery. It was everything we could do to keep Liddy from diving right in, though I do think she managed to get more than her toes in at one point. Adam was also fascinated with the rushing water and we did let him splash his hands in for a little cool down.
It was a great picnic paired with a chilled Viognier...what could be better?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday night BBQ...

To cap off a great weekend we had Greg, Erica and Blake over for a little BBQ. We had quite a bit of leftovers from Bebe's party and they brought over potato salad and sliders to throw on the grill, so we had a pretty nice spread.

Adam and Blake hadn't seen one another for a few weeks so it was great to watch them interact. Mostly they just stared at each other, but we were able to snap some cute pictures.

Andy and Greg mostly just stared at each other as well, whilst enjoying their homemade watermelon martinis...yes, Erica and I have given up worrying about them, but we were able to snap some cute pictures.  ;)

It's always fun getting to have impromptu dinners with G&E and now B as well.  :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Bebe!!

Andy's sister Bebe turned the big 4-0 on Saturday so we just had to celebrate!  Bebe (or Bebalicious as I like to call her) is the most selfless and caring person I know and add that to her energetic personality and you've got a birthday girl that's definitely worth celebrating! :)

We were able to get almost the whole family together (Heidi, Shawn and the kiddos were in Toronto) as well as Dan and Eloise, who are really good family friends.  The kids played non-stop in the backyard, as per usual, and the adults when they weren't busy chatting got in on the action as well. 

We even threw money in a pot for the Preakness and we all picked a horse to cheer for which made for a pretty raucous two minutes or so. Amy ended up being the big winner and she graciously donated her winnings to Bebe's NYC trip fund.

It was a great party for a very deserving mother, sister, aunt and friend. Happy birthday Bebalicious, we love you! :)

Fun in the sun!

Saturday we spent the day at Ommy and Poppy's preparing for Auntie Bebe's big birthday bash.  In between running errands and setting up, we found some time to get out in the sun.  We lathered Adam up with sunscreen and introduced him to his newest toy, Mr. Sprinkler.  He wasn't so sure about this crazy, water squirting thing, but he warmed up to it eventually....well....sort of.

After we dried off a bit, we headed to the backyard for some ladder golf.  Adam gets such a kick out of throwing the golf balls onto the rungs and cheers for himself every time....of course we cheer too, it's too adorable not to cheer!

Liddy always has a blast running around their backyard and it's great to now watch Adam throw the tennis ball for her, he's got a pretty good arm. Of course it was pretty hot on Saturday so mostly Liddy just wound up laying in the shade...smart girl!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adam's new ride...

Andy's big mission this spring was to find a bike trailer so that we could take family bike rides this summer and after many lost opportunities on Craig's List, he bit the bullet and just bought one from Amazon.  My job of buying a helmet for Adam was slightly easier. ;)

We took Adam for his first spin last week and he seemed to enjoy it.  He doesn't seem to mind wearing the helmet either, though I think it hinders his view a little as he's usually holding it up with his hand. 

Last night we took our first family bike trip to pick up sushi for dinner.  We called ahead and by the time we go there the sushi was all ready for us to take home.  We popped it in the back of the trailer and 10 minutes later we were back home enjoying our dinner.  So fun!

Looking forward to lots of bike rides this summer to the pool and maybe even to the zoo!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GWSAE Reunion

It's been almost five years since I left my job at GWSAE (Greater Washington Society of Association Executives) and yet the memories and friends that I made there make it seem as though I never left at all.  GWSAE was a part of my life long before they started signing my paychecks.  Due to my Dad's involvement with the organization I spent numerous evenings at The Kennedy Center listening to talks from people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Bono and of course my favorite Katie Couric.  It was because of GWSAE that I even got to eat dinner with Katie Couric and three years later I was actually helping to plan those events.

GWSAE merged with ASAE (American Society of Association Executives) in 2004 which was a bittersweet day for all of us involved.  Most of the GWSAE staff has since moved on to new adventures but we all came back together last night for one last celebration before The Center for Association Leadership space at the Ronald Reagan Building closes its doors on Friday. 

It was a great night filled with lots of reminiscing about "the good old days." Embarrassing stories were shared while we laughed at pictures flashing on the wall, and we also got to hear some words from our fearless leaders.

And as the cake says...