Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun in the sun!

Saturday we spent the day at Ommy and Poppy's preparing for Auntie Bebe's big birthday bash.  In between running errands and setting up, we found some time to get out in the sun.  We lathered Adam up with sunscreen and introduced him to his newest toy, Mr. Sprinkler.  He wasn't so sure about this crazy, water squirting thing, but he warmed up to it eventually....well....sort of.

After we dried off a bit, we headed to the backyard for some ladder golf.  Adam gets such a kick out of throwing the golf balls onto the rungs and cheers for himself every time....of course we cheer too, it's too adorable not to cheer!

Liddy always has a blast running around their backyard and it's great to now watch Adam throw the tennis ball for her, he's got a pretty good arm. Of course it was pretty hot on Saturday so mostly Liddy just wound up laying in the girl!

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