Friday, February 22, 2013

Love was in the air...

It really is amazing how much more special the holidays are when you have a child.  I obviously knew Christmas would be taken to a completely new level and of course egg hunts would once again grace our Easter celebrations, but I never realized how much more fun Valentine's Day would be. It really is almost a kid's holiday, and I don't mind one bit.  

The celebrations started over the weekend as Adam and I started to prepare his Valentines for school. We also did a Valentine craft from his Highlights magazine and had fun letting Olivia in on the fun.  

We sent bubble wands in to school with little love notes to his classmates stating how they each "blow him away!" I love how they turned out and especially loved the lack of sugar! :) 

Adam came home from school on Valentine's Day with a substantial stack of love notes...and sugar...but he had a great time and I'm told the party they had at school was very fun and chalk full of red and pink treats! 

It wasn't such a bad day for the adults, I was gifted with some very lovely flowers and Andy made my favorite, chocolate covered strawberries!

I definitely have a new found *love* for this lover's holiday! 


I have always loved bowling.  I have fond memories of bowling with my cousins growing up and it's still something we try to do when we are together (assuming there isn't a dance floor available!) and it's also something Andy and I have had fun doing either on the Wii or for real.  Both versions bring out our competitive sides!  So it seemed like an activity we should introduce Adam to.  

First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable little kid bowling shoes are???  

Aside from the shoes being adorable, it was just a fun way to spend some time out of the house during these winter months.  Adam loved it and was so proud of himself for bowing a STRIKE!!  We cheered so loud and he loved ever second of the attention he received . 

The scoreboard is also worth noting as you'll see that  Adam and I both beat Andy. :)  Told ya we were competitive, glad to see Adam follows suit! ;)  


After two winters of foolishly buying snow pants and snow boots for Adam and never taking the tags off, we finally got enough snow (granted this was a month ago) for us to play in!  While admittedly a tad small, his snowsuit from last year still fit, so the tags finally came off!

Adam loved making snow angels and insisted that both Andy and I make them as well. There wasn't quite enough snow to do much else with, but for those 15 minutes Adam finally got to enjoy a mini-winter wonderland!

Fun with packing...

Moving is seriously no joke...just when you think you have packed the last box, you find a whole new closet you somehow never knew existed in your house...except you obviously knew it was there at one point because it's been filled up with an assortment of baby clothes, baby toys, your spring wardrobe circa 2006, Christmas decorations, and un-used/un-opened wedding gifts...yikes!

Fortunately, in our family, we find ways to make even the tedious task of packing fun and entertaining!

Adam wanted to be sure we didn't leave him behind!

Lining up all the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin products I've been hoarding! Someone call TLC! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thanks for the memories...

On January 31st we turned over the keys to our home to it's new owners.  It was bittersweet to say the least.  We are looking forward to starting a fresh chapter in our new home (closing on April 22) but after nearly seven years in our townhouse it was sad to say goodbye.

We moved in as newlyweds with a puppy and moved out as a mom and dad with a toddler and a "teen aged" dog.  We celebrated seven Christmases, hosted seven Pre-Thanksgivings, one real Thanksgiving, we barbecued in the summer...and in the winter, we hosted dinner parties to celebrate big things and little things--like a Wednesday night, we've hidden Easter eggs, we made friends with our neighbors and helped each other dig out from two blizzards.  Best of all, it was the home that kept us warm, dry and safe for seven years and it was Adam's first home.  

We'll miss you Mckenna Way, but we thank you for the memories....