Monday, August 22, 2011

Play date with Reid and Ava

Last weekend we headed over to Kristine and Kathleen's for a much overdue play date and BBQ.  It was great to catch up with them and the kids had so much fun playing together. 

Reid just turned four and was so nice to play the younger (almost) two year olds.  He is such a good big brother and friend!  He even showed Adam how to use his birthday present, an awesome Thomas the Train set! 

We played outside for a bit as well and Adam was loving all of the fun toys at his disposal.  They played basketball, baseball, and even horse shoes! 

After dinner Ava showed Adam how to ride their mini-roller coaster!  What a fun house!  :) 

Thanks Kristine, Kathleen, Reid and Ava for a fun afternoon and a great dinner!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doggie Happy Hour

Last Friday we got to take Adam to his first Doggie Happy Hour or more commonly referred to as DHH.  Neil and Fionna hosted and their backyard was the perfect place for the kids to run around and play.  Adam got to get reaquinted with Lillian and Marley and met some new friends as well.  While we had a few "no boys allowed" moments, Adam held his own and by the end of the night was seen taking multiple wagon rides with scandalous! :) 

While there were quite a few kids, the dogs still reigned supreme! Liddy was so happy to see all of her friends, Saki, Casper, Jeter, Leyla, Zibby and Tatum. Great to have the whole gang back together, chasing tails, stealing food from the table, getting dirty and best of all, exhausting themselves!


Here's to the dogs! (who sadly were not photographed very well)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A week at the lake...

After our family filled weekend at the lake (and after two consecutive days of missed flights) I got to enjoy an extended vacation at the lake with my boys and Ommy and Poppy. 

We stayed in a great cabin that had it's own boat dock which made for lots of Wally time on the water. The weather was amazing, sweatshirts in the morning, bathing suits during the day, and back to sweatshirts in the evening.

The cabin was perfect for Adam to run around and play in and with a big deck and side yard, he had all the space he needed to get his energy out.  As for the adults, ladder golf was played, books were read, and lots of yummy meals were devoured (lobster roll anyone?!) :) 

Thanks to Ommy and Poppy, Andy and I even got to go out on a date.  We took the boat around the lake to Meridith Bay where we each had amazing pasta dinners (we've since recreated both pastas at home) and after dinner we took the boat around to The Weirs where we hit the arcades.  It was the perfect date night!

We were sad to have to leave New Hampshire, but I think I've made life long Lake Winnepesauke lovers our of Andy and Adam so I know we'll be back soon!  We loved the name of this one boat we saw, it certainly sums up the trip perfectly!

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Adam, meet the Greeley's"

While the house was something to see, the highlight of the weekend in New Hampshire was the opportunity for Adam to finally meeting all of his second cousins, Great Aunts and Uncles. Of course, he had already met Great Aunt Mary Jo and cousin Meghan (remember this?)

There was nothing shy about Adam that weekend. He knew they were family and he was giving out hugs and kisses left and right to all of them! He was very social with everyone and fit right in! :)

We had so much fun spending time with everyone, meeting a few girlfriends, meeting Meghan's soon to be in-laws, and eating....boy did we eat!  Kudos to the various chefs involved, and to the organizers of the make your own sundae bar, I applaud you!

When we weren't eating, we split our time between boating, swimming, hanging out on the water trampoline, sun bathing on the patio, and playing ping pong and pool. 

However, my favorite activity of the whole weekend was getting to listen to my uncle Tim sing while he played his guitar.  That was always a highlight of my previous trips to the lake and I soaked up every minute of it and loved that Andy got to experience it too (Adam was sound asleep after all that family time).  We all just sat out on that patio as we watched the sun go down, bundled up in sweatshirts, and we sang along, we danced, we applauded, we shouted our requests, we looked up at the stars and thought of those who weren't there to enjoy the moments with us. 

We did attempt a picture of all the cousins that were there and you'd think that being grown adults and all (well aside from Adam) that we'd be able to pull it off...but no.  HA!  Hopefully someone's camera captured the moment better than mine did and perhaps the issue wasn't the cousins but the amount of cameras. :) 

Love my family! :)  XOXOXO

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The big lake house on the left...

For our weekend in New Hampshire, my cousin Sean rented this amazing house right on the lake that could sleep practically the whole the family...and that's saying something! The views were spectacular and Adam basically spent the weekend pointing out the huge windows saying "Oooooh, boat! Ooooh, water! Ooooh, helicopter!"


It was so great being able to stay with the family and there were plenty of activities to keep us occupied.  Adam found coloring with a view of the lake to be quiet pleasant...
Though he also enjoyed getting in on the many ping pong games that were played (we think the cousins would pay him off to distract their opponent, though so far we can't find the money, hopefully Adam has placed it in his piggy bank)
And he also had fun shooting his first round of pool. 

Of course when we weren't enjoying what the inside of the house had to offer we spent plenty of time enjoying the great outdoor areas including the amazing patio...
The backyard...
And of course the dock...
Thanks cousin Sean, what a perfect gathering place on a most perfect lake!