Monday, August 8, 2011

How Adam earned his wings...

I was so excited about taking Adam on his first plane ride.  We were all heading to Lake Winnipesauke in New Hampshire and even though Andy wanted to bring the boat and drive, I figured the best way to make such a long trip would be for Adam and I to fly.  My frequent flyer miles came in quite handy and with Adam being (just slightly) under two, he was able to sit on my lap, bonus!

We sent Andy on his way on Thursday morning and after an overnight stop in Connecticut he'd be arriving at the airport in Manchester, NH just in time to pick us up.  We had the added bonus of Andy being able to lug all of our stuff so I packed a backpack to the gills bought a compact umbrella stroller and we were all set! 

Inside my backpack I had an extra outfit for myself, three outfits for Adam, a variety of snacks, new books, toys, diapers, wipes and of course, Adam's froggy blanket. I was prepared for anything and everything, which turned out to be a good thing considering I had just about anything and everything thrown at me throughout the course of the day.

Oh my sweet Adam, how sick you were. You were sick in the car (three times) you were sick in the security line, you were sick in the pub across from our gate. Something tells me had I packed four extra outfits, you probably would have been sick on the plane too. Had it not been for the week you were going to be spending at the lake with Ommy and Poppy I probably would have turned around and brought you home. But after cleaning you up for the third time that day, we headed onto the plane and with your froggy blanket in your arms and you in my arms you started to drift off to sleep.

Sadly the nap didn't last long as the pilot announced, shortly thereafter, that there was a mechanical issue with the plane and we needed to get off.  Oh boy!  So I gathered up our things and we got off the plane and headed to the gate area where we waited for more information.  We found out soon thereafter that we needed a new plane to fly us to New Hampshire and that it would arrive in about two hours.  You napped and I tried to regain my sanity.
Finally it was time to get back on the plane and although you'd been napping for a couple hours you still slept on the plane. Once we landed you had a plane full of passengers telling you what a good boy you were and praising you for being the best toddler they'd ever seen fly. Ah if they only knew!

It was then that the flight attendant brought you your wings.  You earned them. 

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abruscia said...

Poor, sweet guy. You can just tell how sick he was by his mellow face...even though I've never met him. Madeline does the same thing. Hugs to both of you for enduring that trip.