Friday, July 22, 2011

Too much pork bbq...

Andy smoked a humongous pork shoulder on Sunday leaving us with just too much pork bbq for our little family to devour, so we called in reinforcements. 

Greg, Erica and Blake arrived with empty bellies, a green salad and ready to assist.  Such good friends they are! :)

While Blake didn't help with eating the bbq, she did help to keep us entertained, though mostly it was Adam's attention that the caught.  We were all witness to not only their first, but their second and possibly even their third kiss.  We all watched speechless, not sure whether to cheer, laugh, cry or separate the two...I'm mostly wondering what Greg was thinking.  Ah, young love.

Thanks for a fun night G&E&B, though we still have about three pounds of bbq leftover...sigh. 

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