Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Visiting the new Ashburn Fire House...

For quite some time now, Adam has been watching the progress of the Ashburn Fire House as they've worked to build a completely new station just a mile down from my folks house. He would tend to ask Grandma & Grandpa to drive by it to see how it was looking. Well, a few weekends ago we got to be part of the grand opening and see the finished product up close and personal. 

It was a wonderful event with all kinds of equipment to check out, "helpers" to meet, activities to take part in and lots of yummy treats as well. Adam was mesmerized by all of it. 

A few highlights were getting to sit in the big fire truck as well as the airport equipment - that thing is huge; meeting one of the EMT's who transported Harper from Fairfax to Fair Oaks - he said he could never forget a name like "Gribble" and showing Adam the type of transport unit and equipment that Harper got to ride in; learning about "Stranger Danger" and getting to break a wood board in the process - this kid can't wait to sign up for Tai Kwon Do; and of course - "sliding" down the pole! 

In between all of that we enjoyed some cotton candy, played with Legos, and even had Adam's blood pressure taken - he's right as rain as they say! 

It's a beautiful new building and at the end of the day Adam enjoyed playing Fireman & EMT with Harper & Liddy! ;) 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Clearwater Beach...

I always look forward to my annual work trip to Clearwater Beach, FL. This year was no different, however I was feeling sad about it being my first long trip away from Harper. Happily the work aspect of the trip keeps me so busy I didn't have too much time to dwell on how much I missed the family. 

The trip kicked off with a little pre-conference relaxation/Mother's Day at the pool. I enjoyed some festive frozen drinks, warm sunshine and a few dips on the pool. I got nice and sun burned, but I guess we'll chalk that up to getting my "base" for the summer! :) 

The rest of the week was a bit of a blur as my colleagues and I put on another awesome event for our customers. We had long days of education - but fun nights networking, watching beautiful sunsets, and sharing lots of laughs. 

At the end of the week our leadership team was treated to a fantastic dinner at my favorite restaurant down there - The Island Way Grill - where we literally ate a boat load of sushi!!! It was a great way to top of a successful event and I so enjoyed being back out on the road with my team - they make being away from the family worth it and I'm so lucky to work with such awesome folks. 

Until next time Clearwater Beach! 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Happy (early) Mother's Day...

I was going to be traveling and gone for all of Mother's Day so Andy & the boys put on a great celebration for me the day before. I felt super spoiled with an early morning mani/pedi and then an evening of some of my favorite things - oysters, crabs, & duck! 

Andy & Adam picked up fresh oysters and soft shell crabs at the Farmer's Market (the first weekend of the season!). Then we turned the soft shell crab into soft shell crab bruschetta - inventive and delicious! 

Adam gifted me an adorable handmade book. In it he wrote things like "My favorite thing to do with my mom is cuddle." and "My mom makes the best cookies." and "I love my mom because she is sweet and kind." It's definitely a keeper! 

I was a little melancholy during the day knowing I was about to be leaving for 6 days - the longest I'd been away from Harper - but the boys had one more trick up their sleeves - 2 dozen roses awaiting me in my hotel room to brighten my Mother's Day & to be a beautiful reminder of them all week long. 

I'm one lucky Momma! 

"How Does Your Garden Grow" starring Adam...

The 1st Grade musical was a few weeks ago and it was pretty much adorable. I sadly had to miss Adam's kindergarten play, so I was so happy that I was home for this one. The musical was "How Does Your Garden Grow" and Adam played Herb the Gardner (the "h" is silent you know?! - a line they sang several times, ha). 

The musical numbers included "The Garden Hoedown," "Planting Seeds," "Weeds Rule," & of course, "How Does Your Garden Grow?" The lyrics to that title song brought a few tears - I'm not going to lie. Hearing these smart, adorable, sassy & grown up 1st graders sing "Will you give every seed all the love that it needs to become the best that it can be? Will you care that each one has its day in the sun, and can grow in a world of harmony?" was almost too much to handle. They are all growing up so fast - especially our Herb the Gardner - wow - is he really almost a 2nd grader!? 

A spectacular performance and I'm already looking forward to seeing what these talented kiddos will have in store for us next year! 

Bravo Adam & the rest of the Aldrin 1st graders!