Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer Vacation - Beautiful Sunsets...

I can't believe it took us until this summer to finally watch the sun set. I guess because we've always stayed up by the ocean we just didn't realize how gorgeous the sky was just a couple hundred yards away. Happily we rectified that this summer and we took in the beautiful sunsets every night. We even drove the golf cart over to the sound side to witness the full show a few times. There is really nothing like a beautiful sunset. 

Until next year OBX...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Vacation - Wright Brother's National Memorial...

Back in May we purchased an annual pass to the National Park Service allowing us free entry into all the parks throughout the country. Now, I don't see Yellowstone in our immediate future but there are tons of National Parks nearby including one in the Outer Banks. We've always driven by the Wright Brother's National Memorial and thought - "Gee, we should do that one day" - but of course the beach days come and go so quickly leaving little room for venturing out. However, with our park pass in hand we decided this was finally the year we'd make a visit and we are so glad that we did. 

We picked up a picnic breakfast on our way to the park and enjoyed our morning meal with a spectacular view of the memorial. Once everyone was fueled up we started making our way up to the top - and would you believe Harper walked the whole thing? Up and back down! Big boy! The hike was totally worth it with amazing 360 degree views of Kitty Hawk. The memorial itself was very well done and we even got to see some airplanes taking off and landing on the original runway (ok, not the original runway - but it's exactly where the original one was). 

Adam really enjoyed reading all about the first flight, which he was excited to learn took place on our wedding anniversary (December 17) just 102 years prior. 

The visitor's center was being renovated so we'll look forward to visiting again next summer to see what that has to offer. It really is very well done and definitely worth a morning visit when you're down in the Outer Banks. 

Up next - Did I mention the beautiful sunsets? 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Vacation - Sand in Our Toes (and everywhere else...)

Last summer our beach trip was really more of a "we're at the beach, but our house has a pool so we're gonna just hang there" kind of trip (read here) so we were looking forward to really getting our toes in the sand on this trip. 

Adam was quite the beach bum digging holes, building sand castles, and making friends (two girls who just couldn't get enough of playing with him - adorable). He also spent a lot of time boogie boarding and diving through the waves. 

At first we weren't too sure if Harper was going to be equally as "beach bummish" as he was a bit unsure of the feeling of the sand on his toes at first. However after about 15 minutes of watching big brother digging in the sand he decided it was time to join in on the fun. Needless to say the two of them had a ball playing in the sand together and Andy and I enjoyed getting to sit comfortably in our chairs watching them do it. :) Ah the joys of having a big brother to help out! 


Harper was also very interested in splashing in the water - in fact he was really more interested in just getting in as deep as possible which, ummm, hello, was not as relaxing as when the boys were digging in the sand. To be fair though, Adam did spend some good time teaching him to just sit and let the water come up to him - so that lasted a good 3 minutes. 

All joking aside it was a really fun time spent playing at the beach each day. Even Liddy got to get a morning swim in - she really is a water dog! 

Up next...The Wright Brother's Memorial & National Park...

Summer Vacation - Camp Hatteras...

After taking a year off from visiting Camp Hatteras we were excited to get back to one of our favorite campgrounds. We booked a site closer to the pool and thus farther from the beach this time, but with our golf cart in tow we still had quick and easy access to the ocean. The bonus was less wind and less sand at our site. Harper served as the official Mayor of Camp Hatteras - waving to everyone and of course to all the dogs - as they passed by our site. 

We loved spending the mornings at the beach (more on that in another post) and our afternoons at the pool. We love having the ability to bring rafts and noodles to the pool, something our local pools don't allow. We also brought a pool of our own which served as a great way to remove a bulk of the sand before heading to the actual pool. :) 




The dogs enjoyed getting to run around at the dog park and the kids had fun chasing them around as well. 

They also have a great park that Adam would spend his evenings at making friends with the other kids at the campground. It's fun getting to watch him be a bit more independent on these trips. 

We enjoyed some awesome meals - most of them cooked over the fire. However one night we did splurge and ordered some steamed crabs and of course our favorite - steamed shrimp - from Austin's. Adam was quite the crab picker and really enjoyed eating up all that sweet meat. 

Evening golf cart rides were also a staple of our trip. We would take turns driving around listening to good music and checking out everyone's camp set-ups - yes - that's a thing you do when you're a camper. Even Harper tried to get behind the wheel a few times! :) 


We realized after our week was over that we really only turned the tv on one time so Adam could watch American Ninja Warrior - the rest of the time we were outdoors enjoying everything the campground had to offer - minus the cable. :) 

Can't wait to head back again next summer.

Up next...we hit the beach!