Friday, December 8, 2017

Snowflake Stampede 2017...

We once again participated in Bull Run's Snowflake Stampede - held the weekend before Thanksgiving it's the first chance to see the Festival of Lights - but by foot rather than by car - it's a holiday tradition that we just love. It really is a great kick-off to the holidays and we had probably our best time yet this year. 

Our campsite was really perfect with great views of the lights out our "front door." We had a sneak peak of the lights on Friday night and even had the added company of Ommy & Poppy who came for dinner. After finally making use of our oven during our Hokie tailgate we decided to give our indoor stove top a try as well - again - what have we been doing all these years avoiding the convenience of our indoor kitchen!? I supposed we've always worried about the smells - that said, a homemade pasta dinner made in the warmth of our camper was not only delicious - but didn't leave any unwanted odors behind - ha :) 

Saturday we woke up and went for bagels and coffee to kick off our day. We then bundled up for a 2 mile hike which was really nice. The rest of the day was spent jumping in leaves, enjoying the campfire and waiting with anticipation for the big event! 


The boys and I actually registered this year, rather than just walking through the campground portion. We were 3 of 1200 participants - wow! Luckily once the event kicks off the crowd disperses pretty nicely. We decked out ourselves, Harper's stroller and we even had Christmas music playing on my phone as we walked through the festive and colorful woods. Andy met up with us as we got to the campground. It really is so well done and it's fun being able to stop and take pictures - something you can't do when you drive through. 

After the Snowflake Stampede it was back to the warmth of the camper and campfire where we listened to more Christmas music and started to make our grocery list for Thanksgiving - we were hosting after all! 

Stay tuned...Thanksgiving is coming up next...