Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sales Meeting in Lake Lanier, GA...

Last month I had to travel to Lake Lanier, GA for our annual US sales meeting for my company. It was my first work trip since June and while I was sad to leave home (as I always am) it was a really great meeting and as always we work hard but played even harder!

First thing to note about this trip is how beautiful our resort was and how amazing that lake is. It's a huge lake and the resort just sits right in the middle of all this lakefront wilderness. It's awesome. I took advantage of one afternoon of free time and early mornings to walk around the resort, taking in all the beautiful views and the amazing sunrises. It was a pretty awesome spot to be working for the weekend. 

Our meetings were productive and exciting as my company is rolling out a new product that will really be a game changer for us - such a cool thing to be a part of from conception, design, production and now finally the release and sales of it. I won't bore you with details but just know it's a fun time for our company. 

The fun we had was well earned and it's always great being with the team. Some people are shocked to see that I pretty much work with all guys and that's ok with me - they think of me like a sister (or sometimes they call me Ultrasound Mom) and I think of them as bonus brothers. We hung out around the awesome fire pits, we went on a dinner cruise, we played pool and foosball, and we enjoyed fireworks, watching football and a live concert that we stumbled across as well. 

Of course the highlight was our team building exercise that I organized which was zip lining through the woods! How fun! I was excited then nervous then completely thrilled - the emotional roller coaster was part of the fun I suppose! The guys were hilarious and it was fun to see some of them go from "tough guys" to legit freaking out on some of those tree stands - haha! The company that runs this does an awesome job - the guides are hilarious (they snapped a selfie of themselves after I asked them to take a group photo) and they even decked out the bus to be a legit party bus - stripper pole included! Too much fun and I can't wait to go zip lining again soon - Adam would LOVE it! 

I'm so grateful for the job I have and the co-workers I have - it's just such a rewarding part of my life - I wouldn't change it for anything. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Adam Earns His Blue Belt...

We missed the official belt graduation while we were in Cape Cod so Adam had to do a private graduation after class one day. It was actually a better experience because he had the full attention of Master Chris and didn't have the other kids to distract him from doing his form perfectly! I was so proud of him - this was his hardest form yet and I think he did his best job on it - he really practiced hard at home to be sure he had it down 100%. 



He also had to do his hardest kick thus far to break the board - but he nailed it of course!


Way to go Adam - next up - Navy Blue...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Harper Gribbs...

Wow! 2 years seemed to have gone by in the blink of an eye. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how our tiny little early arrival is now a husky, strong, smart, energetic, bull dog of a two year old - a legit toddler - what!? It's really been quite a year and it's amazing to see how much he has accomplished in these last 12 months and how he's truly caught up and no longer thought of in "adjusted" ages - rather he's just a 2 year old - plain and simple. Though there honestly is nothing plain and simple about this amazing boy of ours. 

We'd already celebrated Harper quite a bit in the days leading up to his big day but we saved some of the best stuff for his official birthday - like pancakes for breakfast and a walk to the bus stop to see Adam off to school. 

After his morning nap we gathered up the preemie clothes donations that family had brought over during the weekend along with some cupcakes and headed off to the NICU for a special birthday visit to the place he called home before coming home. It was pretty emotional to see him walking into the hospital - a whopping 25+ pounds - considering he weighed a mere 6 pounds when he left. We were so happy to learn that two of our favorite nurses were working as well as our favorite therapist (she is totally responsible for his perfectly shaped head) and Dr. Spurr was there as well who had taken such good care of him. They all came out to visit and while Harper was a bit shy, once they offered him one of the cupcakes we had brought, he was all smiles!  It meant a lot to me that we visit and bring along some treats and donations - they were really happy that it was boy clothes as they said they hardly ever have boy clothes donated. The staff was so happy to see him and they couldn't believe he was turning 2 - they genuinely remember caring for our sweet Harper boy. I'm certain this will be a new birthday tradition for us. 

From there Harper and I went and had a fun lunch date at Zoe's Kitchen - might be a new favorite spot for me. He loved the hummus plate and was just in such a good mood the whole time we were there. After that I took him over to Frying Pan Park to see the animals and "ride" the tractors. 

That night we gave him our gifts - some dinosaur books and his own personal Dyson vacuum cleaner (I'm jealous - I want a Dyson!) which he was thrilled about! 

Harper, you have been nothing short of incredible in your two years of life - you came into this world a fighter and boy are you still a feisty, confident, hilarious, happy, active, busy, wonderful super hero today. We love you so much and are looking forward to what these next 12 months will bring. 

Happy birthday Harper Gribbs!!