Monday, February 22, 2016

Harper at 5 months...

For as great as we thought the 4 month mark was as far as Harper's well being, sleeping, and playfulness the 5 month mark has proven even better! He continues to sleep like a champ - and those naps are becoming more predictable and lengthy - a bonus for this working from home Momma! His reflux is practically a thing of the past - minus the spit-up, but knowing he's no longer in pain means I'll take a dose (or 4) of spit-up on my clothes everyday. He is even more playful now - holding his books open, rattling his rattles, and giggling when you sing "The Wheels on the Bus" while moving his arms along with the motions - it's so fun. He still meets with an Occupational Therapist twice a month - just to make sure he stays on track. She has been helpful with showing me some new exercises and positions we can do to continue to help with his core strength as we get closer to him sitting on his own. All good progress for our tough guy who weighed in at almost 13 pounds at his 5 month weigh in. Meanwhile, my phone is overrun with photos of him, but I just can't help it - those smiles are coming fast and frequent and I feel like I need to capture them all. :)

For his 5 month cake we went with the football theme as the Super Bowl was just a few days away. Also Poppy keeps joking that Harper already looks like he'll be a football player with how chubby he's getting. I say game on! :)