Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The tides, they are a changing...

I recently made a pretty big decision to change jobs, and careers as well, which was a pretty big deal for me.  I am excited and nervous and anxious and happy all at the same time.  I wanted to take a little break in between gigs (a whole four days!) and we used the time as a great excuse to get away, unwind, and of course, camp.

We decided to head to Rehoboth Beach and what a great decision it was.  Andy grew up going to Rehoboth, and yet the first time I ever went was with Andy during college.  Boy had I been missing out!  I really do love it there.  You can't beat the cuisine, the boardwalk, and the tax free shopping!

Adam was so excited that we were headed to the beach, though was having a hard time realizing that just because we said we were going to the beach didn't mean we were going to "Myrtle Beach" to see "Don" and "MaeMae."  I think he was a little disappointed, but we'll be head to that beach in April!

After setting up camp we headed to the beach to have lunch at one of our favorite spots,
Nicola Pizza.  Andy and I love the pizza and Adam now loves the fact that a train goes round and round on a track just below the ceiling! 

Sadly it was a bit of a rainy day, so our visit to the actual beach would have to wait. 

Fortunately we awoke to much clearer skies and so it was back to the beach for a quick breakfast and very long walk along the boardwalk.  I can't tell you how amazing it felt to just walk along the beach with the waves crashing in the background without worrying about emails that needed responding to, or conference calls, or anything.  For the first time, in a long time, I could just be in the moment, with my family.  It was a fleeting moment, but it won't soon be forgotten.

The rest of the day we just hung out, played football, did some shopping (did I mention it was tax free? Boy you can really talk yourself into buying a lot more because of that, oops) and enjoyed a great campfire. 

Now back to responding to emails, taking conference calls, and juggling the many hats I's worth it though. :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

A day for love...

Ok ok, so we of course express love 365 days of the year, but it is nice to spend one day, dressed in pinks and reds, celebrating that love.  The celebration doesn't have to come in the form of roses, chocolates or jewelry, but just a few extra signs during the day to really show how much love you have for those you love the most.

This year I was able to call my parents at their house to say "I love you and I missed you" as they had been gone for what felt like years, but what was really just 3 1/2 weeks and I was so happy they finally made their way home safely on the 14th.

I was also able to pick up a great sushi dinner for Andy and I to enjoy.  It was easy, delicious, and made for a quick clean up which gave Andy more time to work on painting my new home office---his Valentine to me.

I shared my love of baking with Adam and experienced our first Mother/Son cooking adventure.  Adam graciously and excitedly helped me bake cupcakes for my co-workers (whom I also love). 

We also got to beam, as the humble and yet proud parents that we are, at all the Valentine's Day loot Adam came home with.  His friends sure do love him, and we love them for loving him so. 

To top it all off, we got to read a lovely Valentine that our sweet Adam made for us.  I know Andy and I will both cherish this always, not only because it's a reminder of how much our amazing son loves us, but more importantly as a sign of how much we truly love one another.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, may you all have someone (or God willing, a million someones) to love and to be loved by...


Adam's Valentines...

It seems like just yesterday I was picking out Punky Brewster and Rainbow Brite Valentine's for my classmates, and yet, in what can only be described as a blink of the eye, I was helping Adam do the same (though sadly, Punky and Rainbow aren't quite relevant any longer.) 

My goal, seeing as Adam is a little too young to provide much input, was to find something clever, useful, and hopefully sugar free! :)  After spotting bright colored containers of sidewalk chalk (97 cents for 20 pieces, no less!) I knew we had found the perfect "treat" for Adam to give to his classroom of Valentines!

Adam colored with pink and red crayons and played with hearts made out of pipe cleaners while I worked on assembling the Valentines (I figured that was a good way of getting him involved and at age 2, could I really expect much more from my little cherub?) 

We personalized each Valentine, tied pretty ribbons, and in about 30 minutes, we had 13 crafty and thoughtful Valentines that will hopefully provide hours of entertainment and creativity as the days grow longer and the temperatures warmer!

Adam has great friends and from the stories he tells us after school, it's clear he adores every single one of them!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekend in Williamsburg

With weather forecasted to be in the high 50's this past weekend, we decided to take advantage of our new "vacation home on wheels" and headed down to Williamsburg for a night.  We found a great campground that was open through the winter and with an early morning departure we arrived and had our site set up by 10:30, just in time to head into town for lunch at our favorite spot.

I think we mostly drive the 90+ minutes to Williamsburg, just for The Cheese Shop.  I mean, it really is the best sandwich place (aside from Macados of course) and you can't beat the huge wine cellar and tasting room.  Adam loves it too, as evidenced by his devouring of his smoked salmon and bagel. 

After lunch we walked around for a bit before heading back for nap time.  Adam took a great nap while Andy and Liddy played outside and I did some shopping.  Then it was time to hit up the great playground they had.  Adam had so much fun climbing up the little rock wall and going down the twisty slide about a gazillion times.  It was the perfect afternoon.

The day got even better as we headed back to our site to get started on dinner.  Andy and Poppy installed our new stereo last weekend which meant we were able to pump some great Nat King Cole through our outdoor speakers.  I have to say, as I sat there slicing potatoes for dinner, sipping on a glass of wine, listening to that amazing music while Adam and Andy played catch, I couldn't help but feel completely happy.  I might not have ever pictured myself owning a camper, but if it means nights like this, then I'm not sure I ever want to be without one. 

Great weekend, great family, and yes, a great camper!