Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Poppy!

We had a fun time celebrating Poppy's birthday earlier this month. We packed up the crew and headed over to Ommy & Poppy's for a fun dinner and celebration. The weather wasn't ideal, but Adam still found plenty of time to run around their fun backyard and woods. Harper enjoyed getting to spend time in Poppy's "man cave" and getting to snuggle with his Ommy. 

We had Wegman's cake - the best - and Adam helped Poppy blow out the candles (though we didn't quite use the correct amount) ;) 

Happy Birthday Poppy - we just love you to pieces!! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Harper Hits the 7th Inning (well, month)...

Harper hit 7 months on April 5 and so of course we celebrated. With professional baseball starting back up - and more importantly, Adam's Little League baseball getting started we figured why not weave that into the celebration! 

This last month has been so fun with our all-star (get it!?) ;) We've finally found a good and mostly reliable schedule for him - this has been a homerun (is it getting to be too much?!) for me especially as I continue to keep him home and work around his schedule. The hardest part of the schedule is keeping up with it on the weekends when we need/want to be out and about - but we're finding ways to be flexible while still being reasonable - something we were never willing to do with Adam - because, well - first time parents. ha!

Harper has also gotten even more playful. He loves his excersaucer and also enjoys playing with toys in his high chair - always good to have lots of entertainment options that include him being strapped in and independent for a bit. He's also doing so well with rolling over, pushing up when he's on his belly - and soooooo anxious to start moving - no doubt that milestone is right around the corner. 

His giggles seem endless at times and those beautiful and big blue eyes of his will melt your heart - this kid is top of the line-up, pinch hitter, Rookie of the Year, etc. etc. etc. 

Happy 7 months Harper boy! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Nate the Great"

Adam is such an amazing reader and I just love it! He enjoys it and loves going to the library to pick out new books. One of his favorite series to read (aside from "Magic Tree House") is "Nate the Great." This was one of Andy's favorite series as a kid and he has passed that on to Adam - but there's a catch! In the books when Nate the Great solves a mystery his mom rewards him with pancakes - so, as a kid when Andy would finish a "Nate the Great" book, he would also be rewarded with pancakes. So of course we've carried on that tradition with Adam. 

It's a "you had me at pancakes" kind of situation. :)  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Break...Celebrating Easter

This was our first time celebrating Easter in the camper and I'd say it was a great success! The Easter Bunny was very clever and knew to hide baskets for Adam and Harper in the camper. Adam was quite impressed and surprised - though he still wondered if a basket would be waiting for him at home to - :) 

Harper seemed very excited about the idea of Easter baskets and was all smiles upon seeing the new teething toys that he was gifted. Adam was excited about his stuffed bald eagle and rubiks cube (he'd been asking for one) and while he was anxious to try his Peeps, he quickly decided they weren't as tasty as they looked - fortunately I think they are as tasty as they look. 

After our fun day at Bush Gardens we came back to the camper and set up an Easter egg hunt for Adam. Sadly the weather wasn't all that great, but Adam didn't mind hunting for eggs in the drizzle. Also, it turns out there are lots of fun hiding spots for eggs on and around the camper. Even Harper joined in on the fun. 

Meanwhile Andy had quite the Easter feast cooking up. We did our first bit of baking in the oven on this trip as Easter wouldn't be complete without a carrot cake. We also used the oven to cook up some ham and biscuits. It was a perfect holiday meal. 

We might not spend all our Easter's in the camper but I'd say this one proved it's not a bad idea!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Beak...Williamsburg

We really enjoyed our time at the Williamsburg KOA - one of these days I'll count up the number of nights we've spent there - it really is our favorite campground! They pulled out all the stops for Easter weekend and we took advantage of the fun activities they had planned. 

Of course first things first - our traditional welcome photo at the camp store - one of these days I'll be able to do a really cool collage of these for Adam (and Harper too!) This time we had the added bonus of snapping a pic of Adam next to the life sized eagle they had in the store - Adam was loving that! 

Our site was spacious and pretty private as we were on the end of the row. It's the same site we stayed at the last time we were there before our OBX trip last summer. I love the porch swing and we enjoyed getting to spend a lot of time outside by the fire, playing cards, eating dinner outside and letting the dogs enjoy some fresh air as well. 

On the Friday evening they had on the schedule that the Easter Bunny was coming for photos. Adam asked if it was really going to be the Easter Bunny or if it was a helper that was going to be dressed as him - smart kid asking that - and I'm glad he did as it was more of a "clown Easter Bunny." HA! Regardless, we enjoyed dressing the kids up in some Easter attire and while it really wasn't a picture with the bunny type set-up, Adam did enjoy getting a balloon sword. 

Then on the night before Easter they had a petting farm come to the campground. It was so cool getting up close and personal with those farm animals. It was also fun getting to see another "Easter Bunny" and be able to scratch his ears a bit before his big night (wink wink) ;) 

Loving all the memories we are making at this campground and we'll look forward to a few more visits there this year - and next time I have to remember to take a photo of Harper striking gold! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Break...Trip to CNU

We were excited to learn that while we were camping in Williamsburg our nephew Drew was going to be playing in a lacrosse game at Christopher Newport University - just 30 minutes down the road. Drew is a sophomore there and is in his second year playing for the Captains. We couldn't resist an opportunity to go visit him, watch him play AND get an opportunity to wish him happy birthday in person! :) 

The birthday boy played great and we loved getting to see him help his team score a victory against conference rival, Frostburg. 

Adam and Harper loved cheering on their cousin and we had fun getting to participate in the post game festivities with Uncle John & Auntie Amy. Adam enjoyed getting a tour of the campus and begged to go see the library. Oh boy, I know if I blink it will be time for us to be visiting Adam at college - yikes! 

Look close - who is up on the top of those stairs?! 

We are looking forward to going back down next weekend to watch Drew and the Captains take on nephew Nick and the York Spartans! We'll have to be biased that weekend - supposed we'll route for a tie!! :)