Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Break...Celebrating Easter

This was our first time celebrating Easter in the camper and I'd say it was a great success! The Easter Bunny was very clever and knew to hide baskets for Adam and Harper in the camper. Adam was quite impressed and surprised - though he still wondered if a basket would be waiting for him at home to - :) 

Harper seemed very excited about the idea of Easter baskets and was all smiles upon seeing the new teething toys that he was gifted. Adam was excited about his stuffed bald eagle and rubiks cube (he'd been asking for one) and while he was anxious to try his Peeps, he quickly decided they weren't as tasty as they looked - fortunately I think they are as tasty as they look. 

After our fun day at Bush Gardens we came back to the camper and set up an Easter egg hunt for Adam. Sadly the weather wasn't all that great, but Adam didn't mind hunting for eggs in the drizzle. Also, it turns out there are lots of fun hiding spots for eggs on and around the camper. Even Harper joined in on the fun. 

Meanwhile Andy had quite the Easter feast cooking up. We did our first bit of baking in the oven on this trip as Easter wouldn't be complete without a carrot cake. We also used the oven to cook up some ham and biscuits. It was a perfect holiday meal. 

We might not spend all our Easter's in the camper but I'd say this one proved it's not a bad idea!

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