Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break - Bush Gardens...

This year we decided to get season tickets to Bush Gardens for Adam and me - this means free parking and a free ticket each season (spring, summer, fall) for Andy to use - x2, plus discounts on food and in-park purchases. Seemed like a no brainer. I'm happy to say that during our spring break we already got more than our money's worth from this decision. 

We all went as a family after we made the trip from Lake Anna to our new campsite for the remainder of our vacation in Williamsburg. The sun was shining and we were all geared up to spend the afternoon at the park. Harper was a pretty decent participant, rolling around in his stroller like a big boy. Adam was so excited to be back there but was bummed he hadn't grown enough to move out of his current color code for rides - he's got two more inches to go before he can trade in his purple bracelet for a teal one at which point a few of the roller coasters are fair game! Side note - we keep telling him to eat his greens, more protein and to always finish his milk - he has since eaten asparagus - I kind of like this new motivation he's got.

Adam has been watching the Eagle Cam in school and is slightly obsessed with these beautiful creatures. He loved seeing them in person! 

The park was pretty crowded that afternoon so we didn't get on too many rides, but Adam and I had plans to go back the next day just the two of us. We arrived right as the park opened and before even two hours had passed when already been on a dozen rides with zero lines holding us back. We had a great time hopping from ride to ride and it was fun having that one on one time with my oldest son. :) 

Slightly terrified at the Dark Castle - he didn't love it as much as he did last year - priceless! 

We had so much fun that we decided to go back as a whole family on Easter Sunday - and with temps in the low 50's and the threat of rain that park was about as empty as I've ever seen it. We really capitalized on that with Andy and I taking turns riding the roller coasters (fun but not quite as fun without a riding partner) and of course hitting up all the rides Adam wanted to go on as well. Harper was a real trooper this day and don't worry, we had him all bundled up in his car seat in the stroller this time to keep him warm and at times to keep him out of the drizzle. This might be a new Easter tradition. 

Even though we've already gotten our money's worth out of the tickets I know we'll be back many more times this year - mostly I'm looking forward to going back in the fall for "Scary Bush Gardens." Now, to tell Adam ahead of time about the "scary" part or not? hmmmm.... ;) 

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