Monday, February 28, 2011

Cousins, manual labor and camp fires!

After our visit with Olivia and Grandma and Grandpa, Adam and I headed over to Poppy's for more fun family time!

Auntie Bebe, Uncle Mark and cousins Dave and Kurt were over as well and with the mild temperatures we spent a lot of time outdoors.

The boys spent most of the afternoon helping to re-build the log cabin in the woods (I think Andy is still sore) as well as building a fire pit that we'd enjoy later that evening.

Adam felt he needed to do his fair share, so he helped out by sweeping off the deck. Unsure of the correct way to actually use a broom, Kurt was right there to teach his little cousin how it was done! (Ommy-when you get home from Florida you'll have a very nice and clean deck!)

Before Adam's bedtime he also got to cuddle up with his cousins as they each read to him his Elmo book---he was loving that!

After dinner we all bundled up and headed out to the newly built fire pit and enjoyed a campfire! We all felt like we were on a camping trip even though we were merely 50 yards from the house. We even roasted marshmallows and everyone took turns keeping Poppy company in the hammock.

Not a bad little Saturday! :)

Play date with Olivia

Saturday afternoon Adam and I headed out to Grandma and Grandpa's for a visit and we also got to have some play time with Olivia.

It's so great to see the cousins playing together and sharing their toys and giving hugs and kisses. Olivia even lent Adam her Elmo phone--he was in heaven!

Miss Olivia is getting so big and grown up! She's 10 months old now and crawling and TALKING up a storm! She has a lot to say and I'm happy to listen.

Thanks for having us over Grandma and Grandpa!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wintergreen fun...

While most of it ended up being spent indoors due to a drop in temperatures and some crazy wind, we still had a really great time up at the mountain.

We read books, watched golf, played with Play-Dough (oh how I love the that weird?), enjoyed fires, smoked some ribs, ventured into the wind for a run on the golf course, I fell victim to the obsession that is "Angry Birds" and Adam spent most of the weekend sporting his monkey backpack.

I'd say that makes for a pretty great weekend.

Until next time Dogwood Road! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Picnic, sticks and lots of sunshine!

The weather on Friday was absolutely perfect and what was even better was that it was the first day of a four day weekend! We took advantage of some time off and headed up the mountain for a mid-winter (but spring like!) visit to Wintergreen.

As per usual, we started out with a picnic at the Wintergreen Winery. With temperatures in the 70's how could we resist!? My toes were so happy to be in flip flops again and Adam and Liddy were loving the freedom to run around and play with sticks (yes, they both love them).

Andy and I enjoyed some "Three Ridges White" and sandwiches, but mostly we enjoyed the sunshine and family play time. It's so great to see how well Adam and Liddy play together. Adam loves his "Dee" as he calls her.

Sadly we are back in coats and boots today, but at least we got to soak up a little sunshine as a family while it lasted!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone felt the love yesterday. I know I did! With three adorable Valentine's (one being the four legged type) it was hard not to feel all warm and gooey inside! :)

At first I was thinking having "lover's day" on a Monday would be kind of a bummer, but then I realized it just made for a great excuse to jazz up what is normally one of the worst days of the week.

Throw in a few handmade Valentine's (including one made by my tiniest love bug), pop the cork on a Virginia Viognier, nibble on some amazing stilton with lemon zest, and see who can give the best kisses (it was a tie between Liddy and Adam) and you've got yourself a pretty "love"ly Monday.


Spring is in the air...

Or at least it was! We took full advantage of the nice weather while it lasted and are looking forward to it's quick and (hopefully) permanent return!

Sunday was all about longs walks with Erica and Blake, smoking some BBQ chicken, our first bok choy salad of the year, and quality time under the heat lamp (let's face it was still a little chilly out) on the deck.

Adam definitely has some spring fever and it's making him a little bit silly...

Monday, February 14, 2011 we come!

Ok, so we probably have a little work to do before we find ourselves cheering on Adam as he approaches "Amen Corner," but you can't hide natural talent...

Ok, so maybe "talent" is too strong a word, BUT, the golf club did keep his interest for longer than five minutes, which is saying a lot.

Ok, so maybe it's not saying "a lot" but I think it's safe to say there is potential...right? Yeah, let's stick with "potential."

And here's hoping someday we can replace his adorable orange coat with one slightly greener! ;)

A little reunion...

Friday night we had a little dinner party reunion with our friends John and Allison. Amazingly it had been over five years since we'd had a dinner together which is hard to believe considering that from about 2004 to 2005 we spent almost every weekend together. So while it is sad that we let so much time pass, it was great that the minute we got back together it was like old times again.

Here's hoping it doesn't take another five years for our next reunion! (especially if cupcakes are involved!) ;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Adam's new girlfriend...

Adam got to meet sweet baby girl Blake on Saturday night. Greg and Erica's daughter is a little over a month old now and we figured it was about time for their courtship to start!

Adam was so good with her and I think was mostly happy just to see his G&E again!! It had been far too long.

Can't wait to watch these two grow up together!! And then who knows what the future might bring! ;)