Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apple picking, smoking and relaxing...

In addition to taking in all of the amazing scenery, we also took a day trip to Charlottesville where found ourselves winding our way up Carter Mountain to a fantastic apple orchard. We got to pick some apples and we even enjoyed some apple cider doughnuts--yum! The views were amazing and we can't wait to go back again next year when Adam can assist with the picking!

We also spent a good deal of time relaxing on the deck, taking in the beautiful scenery and of course Andy used the time as an excuse to do some smoking. He cooked up a great pork tenderloin as well as a chicken that we turned into a nice fall soup.

The only down side to the visit was watching the Redskins lose (yet again)...not that we were surprised!

Peak week at Wintergreen

All my life (literally) I've been going to Wintergreen during the fall, however I can probably count on one hand the amount of times that I've been there during the peak for fall foliage. Luckliy, this last trip was one of those times.

We had gorgeous, clear, cool, fall like weather the entire time we were there and were so lucky to get amazing pictures to remember this trip by. Adam was so happy to see all the beautiful colors and even mentioned to us that he noticed a lot of orange and maroon...a future Hokie for sure!

Here are just a few of the shots we took---it's no wonder that fall is one of the greatest times of the year!

Even Liddy was in awe of all the great colors!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adam's bath pod

The other night we gave Adam's bath pod a try. We got it as a gift from Dave and Alysia but wanted Adam to get just a little bigger before trying it out. He LOVED it--a sign that we have a water lover?? I hope so! :)


We have finally moved past the "gas smiles" and into official smiles and even some giggles from our little guy. We can't get enough of them! Nothing better than a happy baby! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our little Hokie

Ok, so the team had a pretty terrible loss on Saturday night, but our little guy was still proud to wear his orange and maroon!

Though this is how he felt after the game...

A visit from Chris and Aimee...

Two weekends ago, our good friends, Chris and Aimee drove up from Richmond to meet Adam. As always it was so great to see them, and it was also great to introduce them to little Adam. Chris and Aimee are actually expecting a son of their own, due in late January! We look forward to Adam and their son being very good friends, and hopefully Hokies together as well!

While they were here, we also were able to have Greg come over to visit as well (Erica was in Hershey for a bridal shower). It was nice to have so many extra hands around to hold Adam (great training for Chris and Aimee and we're pretty sure that Greg can't get enough of the little guy.)

We look forward to the arrival of Chris and Aimee's son and we are already talking about our beach and lake trips together where our sons can run around together---amazing to think we were all just partying together as students at Virginia Tech---boy time flies!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adam's first football game

Friday night we had Ommy and Poppy come over to babysit Adam while Andy and I did some shopping and then met up with Greg and Erica for dinner at the Bone Fish. It was fun to get out with our friends and Ommy and Poppy loved getting to spend time with Adam--win/win for sure!

After dinner we came back to the house to gather up Adam to take him to his very first football game! Greg's friend Larry is a coach for Edison (the high school Adam would go to if we still live here) so we head to a few games each season to cheer them on.

We're happy to report that Edison won and Adam has decided to be a quarterback when he grows up...awesome! :)

Adam's first trip to the park

We are fortunate enough to have a little playground on our street and another larger one at the end of our street. When we moved into this house we knew that someday those playgrounds would come in handy...I guess that day is now!

I remember when I was little that my dad said he'd take me to the park whenever I'd want. He'd just grab a crossword puzzle (or two) and off we'd go. He'd sit there with the paper while I'd play, and when I'd need a push on the swing or someone to work the other end of a see-saw, he was up to the challenge! I have great memories of those times and look forward to creating those memories for Adam.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More of Adam and Liddy...

Adam and Liddy really are hitting it off! Mostly I think Liddy has finally come to terms with the fact that Adam isn't leaving anytime soon! :) Here are just a few more shots of big sister and little brother cuddling...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Date night!

Saturday night Andy and I had our first night out since Adam was born. Grandma and Grandpa came over to babysit (which lucky for us they were thanking US for the opportunity-gotta love that!) which was great (and free!) :)

It was fun to have a reason to get dressed up (I don't think I'd worn anything but flip flops since August!) and our destination was our favorite restaurant in Old Town, Bistro Lafayette.

We had a great meal and just as everyone said, we spent a good deal of the time talking about Adam!

Can't wait for our next date---and neither can my parents! haha :)

One month!

I still can't believe that Saturday marked one month for little Adam! How did that happen so fast?!

We have had a great month with him and just love our little guy. He is definitely starting to fill out and some of the clothes we got for him are starting to fit--so that's been fun! :)

Even though it's only been one month, both Andy and I feel like he's always been apart of our little family. We love you Adam and can't wait to see what will happen in month two!

A visit with Auntie Heidi and Cousin Garrett

On Saturday, we headed into Arlington to see Andy's sister Heidi and her son Garrett. They have been in Toronto since the beginning of baseball season, so it was great to see them and of course for them to get to meet Adam.

Garrett loved playing with Uncle Andy and especially loved showing off his skills on his rocking horse! What a cutie pie!

Thanks Heidi and Garrett for a fun visit!