Thursday, August 17, 2017

4th of July...

We were invited to our next door neighbor's house for the 4th of July. It was a really great party with lots of kids for Adam and Harper to play with and lots of adults for Andy and I to chat with. There was lots of yummy food and treats - including an icebox s'mores cake I made (recipe here).

We offered up our backyard for the fireworks portion of the evening. Turns out the neighbors behind us were also having a party and putting off fireworks so by the end of the evening we had one big joint grand finale - it was the perfect celebration of proud Americans taking time to honor and appreciate our freedoms. God bless the USA!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer Vacation - Beautiful Sunsets...

I can't believe it took us until this summer to finally watch the sun set. I guess because we've always stayed up by the ocean we just didn't realize how gorgeous the sky was just a couple hundred yards away. Happily we rectified that this summer and we took in the beautiful sunsets every night. We even drove the golf cart over to the sound side to witness the full show a few times. There is really nothing like a beautiful sunset. 

Until next year OBX...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Vacation - Wright Brother's National Memorial...

Back in May we purchased an annual pass to the National Park Service allowing us free entry into all the parks throughout the country. Now, I don't see Yellowstone in our immediate future but there are tons of National Parks nearby including one in the Outer Banks. We've always driven by the Wright Brother's National Memorial and thought - "Gee, we should do that one day" - but of course the beach days come and go so quickly leaving little room for venturing out. However, with our park pass in hand we decided this was finally the year we'd make a visit and we are so glad that we did. 

We picked up a picnic breakfast on our way to the park and enjoyed our morning meal with a spectacular view of the memorial. Once everyone was fueled up we started making our way up to the top - and would you believe Harper walked the whole thing? Up and back down! Big boy! The hike was totally worth it with amazing 360 degree views of Kitty Hawk. The memorial itself was very well done and we even got to see some airplanes taking off and landing on the original runway (ok, not the original runway - but it's exactly where the original one was). 

Adam really enjoyed reading all about the first flight, which he was excited to learn took place on our wedding anniversary (December 17) just 102 years prior. 

The visitor's center was being renovated so we'll look forward to visiting again next summer to see what that has to offer. It really is very well done and definitely worth a morning visit when you're down in the Outer Banks. 

Up next - Did I mention the beautiful sunsets?