Saturday, July 7, 2018

March for Babies 2018...

Once again we participated in the March of Dimes - March for Babies event here in Reston. Team Harper Gribbs was yet again in the top family teams having raised $2,734! Again so amazed, grateful and thankful to everyone who supported us. 

We had some fun guests joining us for the march this year - none other than the Harpers!! Woohoo! Bad weather and illness had prevented them from coming in the past so we were so thrilled that Don and Mae Mae (& bonus - their son Bob) were able be there marching along side their sweet Harper boy. 

The event kicked off again with the Super Hero Sprint. Always a highlight of the day watching Adam take Harper's hand and running along side him, always making sure he is safe and supported - which is what Adam has been doing ever since he was born - even if he wasn't always able to do so in person. Those two have an unbreakable bond - my heart could burst. 

The march itself was great. We took note of all the "In Memory" of signs, quietly sending love to those who had lost their super heroes. We then celebrated as we walked past all the celebration signs, highlighting those preemies who are now thriving and giving hope to others - just like our Harper Gribbs does. We paused to get a photo by Harper's sign and as luck would have it right as we were doing so one of our favorite NICU nurses from Fairfax happened to be marching past and she stopped to take the photo for us - I know her heart beams with pride when she sees Harper doing so well and we are so thankful for her (& all the other nurses of course!)

At the end of the march Harper got out of his stroller and hand in hand with Mae Mae crossed the finish line - it was a touching moment and one that brings tears even as I write this months later. We'll always be so proud of our Harper and even prouder that he will always represent to us how much love Don and Mae Mae have provided us with. 

Go Team Harper Gribbs! 

Random cute Harper pics...

Just an excuse to post a few cutie pie pics of Harper...

A morning at Frying Pan Park...

I took the boys to Frying Pan Park on Memorial Day and we had so much fun. The weather was overcast which meant the temps were perfect for spending a couple hours outdoors. The boys played at the playground while we waited to take the very first wagon ride of the day. This was Harper's first time riding on the wagon and I think it's safe to say he loved it. He was just taking everything in and preferred to be snuggled up with Adam for the ride than with me (sniff sniff). 

After our ride we went and checked in on all the animals. Harper was a little less terrified of them this time which was good. Of course pretending to drive the tractors is always the highlight. 

We had so much fun - so lucky to have a place like that so close to home. 

Spring time fun!

Harper is at this great age where he is finally strong enough & balanced enough to really enjoy the local playgrounds without me having to follow his every step - I'm pretty happy of that as before I was usually a nervous nelly (still am a bit) at the park which didn't really make it a destination I was keen to visit. Park avoidance no more! We shall go, we shall play, we shall slide and we shall swing - and boy have we! 

We've been living it up this spring getting outdoors as much as we can. Playing in the yard, walking to school, eating on the deck, etc. Much needed vitamin D after a long, cold winter!