Friday, November 21, 2014

Adam turns FIVE...

After the excitement of the first day of school came the excitement of the 2nd day of school which just happened to be Adam's birthday! We greeted him in the morning with a balloon and lots of birthday hugs and kisses then it was off to school. His teacher was so sweet, she emailed me that morning to let me know Adam would be the first student to get to wear the birthday crown and that he'd get to pick out a special birthday pencil from her stash. I was so thrilled that she was aware it was his birthday - having spent my fair share of birthdays in the first couple days of the school year, I know it's not always the case that people are focused on birthdays, another great sign of what an awesome teacher he has! Then after school it was time for presents - love that he still gets excited about clothes! ha :) It was an understated celebration as we knew his big birthday party was just a few days away (more on that later...) 

Oh my how is this sweet boy already 5!? 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I can still hardly believe that our little buddy has already started Kindergarten. It truly feels like we were just dropping him off at daycare for the first time (at the ripe old age of 6 weeks) and yet on September 2 we were watching him board the school bus. 

The good news - he was so excited and talked about it all summer. Everything from buying the school supplies to picking out a backpack, lunch box, and new sneakers had us all anxiously awaiting the big day. 

The night before, we packed up his lunch and laid out his outfit. I definitely teared up as I put his eyeglass wipes and tissues in his backpack, then teared up again as I explained to him how to open up the container in his lunch that held his ranch dressing - for dipping his sandwich into, and again when I read "Kindergarten, Here I Come!" before bedtime. For the record, Andy teared up as well. 

Once the big day arrived, we were all actually pretty psyched to get the show on the road. We snapped the traditional front porch photos, met (finally) some neighbors at the bus stop, and before we knew it the bus was pulling up and our very excited Kindergartner was practically running to hop on. No tear, seriously, from any of us - we all knew at that moment he was going to be A-OK and the he was going to rock Kindergarten! 

Of course, just to be sure, Andy and I sneaked over (with two bags of school supplies in tow,) met his teacher, saw his classroom, and watched as he started making friends as we walked out and left him in the care of Mrs. Jaeschke (sounds like Jetski...seriously.)

After what seemed like the LONGEST. DAY. EVER. the bus finally rolled back up and off jumped a very happy, very adorable, and frankly the cutest Kindergartner I've ever seen... 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Diving Board...

From the very beginning of the summer Adam had a goal of being able to jump off the diving board at the pool. We talked with the lifeguards and learned what he'd need to do to pass the test. First, he would have to be able to swim the width of the diving board section of the pool and then he'd have to tread water for one minute.

Considering at the beginning of the summer he wasn't all the keen on even jumping into the pool we were skeptical, but as his swimming improved, so did his confidence and it wasn't long before he was jumping in all on his own, swimming on his own, and treading water on his own. Once he built up that confidence he starting asking to jump in and swim in the deep end of the pool - another step in the right direction.

Finally it was Labor Day weekend and what better way to say "so long" to summer than with celebratory jump off the diving board? 


And then 5 more for good measure...

Andy's Epic Kayak Adventure...

I could have lumped this in with the beach week post, but felt it deserved its own spotlight. Andy spent a lot of time kayaking during our trip. I ventured out once, but the talk of excessive amounts of jelly fish in the water kept me on dry land most of the time. Andy had no fear and even kayaked from Ocean Lakes down to Surfside Beach where my parent's house was. It took him about an hour (maybe more) and he even had to paddle out and around the pier which put him a little farther out in the ocean than I  liked, but in true Andy fashion, he pulled it off with no issue...well, except for when he wiped out during what would have been his "victory lap." ;) 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

End of Summer Beach Week...

As our Outer Banks week came to an end back in June we realized there was still so much summer left and felt a little sad that our beach week had already come and gone. So we did the only logical thing and piggybacked on my family's Myrtle Beach trip by booking another week at Ocean Lakes for the end of August. 

We loved having the trip to look forward to and Adam loved that he'd be spending a week at the beach with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Kathleen & Olivia - and of course an extra visit with Don & Mae Mae! 

Ocean Lakes was surprisingly quiet as schools in North Carolina and South Carolina had resumed the week before so we were able to score a great ocean front site with the easiest beach access we've ever had. 

As a bonus, my colleague who grew up going to Ocean Lakes with his family just happened to book his own extra beach week for the exact same week, so we had even more people to spend time with on the beach. Adam and Carter were fast friends, with Carter referring to Adam as her boyfriend by day two. She is quite the southern belle - Adam never stood a chance! :) 

While we spent a lot of time at the campground we spent most mornings over at the house my family rented for the week. They had a wonderful view and a great deck with a swing - relaxation at it's best! Adam and Olivia of course loved all the time playing in the ocean together and Uncle Mark was in heaven getting to help build sandcastles - well, mostly just digging holes, either way, it was memory making at it's best. 

To top it all off, we had our September Birthday Club party and the ice cream was literally the icing on the cake. ;) 

Sun, sand, camp fires, family, friends, and a "little" summer romance. XOXO