Saturday, April 1, 2017

Getting into LAX...

We've had a lot of fun lately getting into a new sport - well new for us. Our nephews are huge lacrosse players and our next door neighbors play as well. So with the help of our good friend Amazon Prime we ordered up two lacrosse sticks and we've all had so much fun learning to throw and catch and I'll admit we've all gotten pretty decent at it. Adam is signed up for soccer this spring but I can see a shift to LAX in the fall. 




Even Harps has gotten into it... 

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Harper has been showing off lots of new tricks lately - including mastering the art of using a fork to eat. He is really good at it and you can see how proud of himself he is when he successfully stabs a bite of food and gets it into his mouth - it really is the little things in life. 

When we can start eating more of our meals outdoors we'll work on spoon skills - he can throw a bowl of applesauce on the ground outside all he wants - ha! :) 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Adam Earns his Orange Belt...

Adam did another great job practicing his Tai Kwon Do skills over the last 8 weeks. His kicks and punches have really gotten strong and controlled and he learned his new form very quickly which meant he had a good bulk of the 8 weeks to polish his moves. Needless to say he was all set for his 2nd color belt graduation. It's so fun watching him enjoy this sport and he's so proud when he gets to move to a new belt - we're so proud too! Next up - green belt! 


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring came early....

What a crazy winter! Not a single snow day (to date) and not even a measurable amount of snow has fallen. Instead we've had super warm days, lots of sunshine, and tons of time spent outdoors. It's been pretty magical I have to admit. 

One of the highlights has been all the walks (bike rides for Adam of course) to the park. Harper has really enjoyed walking around at the park and loves the freedom he has to just explore. Luckily we are past the stage where he'd just want to put mulch in his mouth - ha. He definitely loves the swings and while it took a few tries, we've finally mastered the slide! (I promise, no Harper's were injured in the making of these videos....



Adam has loved playing in the backyard and he found a new appreciation for soccer - which he is now going to play this spring. He's also enjoyed getting to wear shorts most days to school - shorts in February?! What is happening?!


The dogs have also enjoyed all their time in the fresh air. Lots of walks and playing fetch in the backyard have also made for some happy pups. 

Andy and I have enjoyed all the time outdoors as well. A highlight was making fires each evening as we burned up our neighbor's Christmas tree -- so long winter - hello spring! 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Adam's Fort & Geocaching...

This unseasonably warm winter has allowed for so much outdoors time for the family. It has also been the perfect weather for Adam and the kiddos next door to work on their fort in the woods. I love that Adam has the opportunity now to spend time in the outdoors, using his imagination and playing with the neighborhood kids (now that there are some!)

A few weekends back during an early morning Walmart trip, Andy couldn't resist getting Adam a full on camo outfit. I'll admit - he does look pretty perfect in it with his walkie talkie, boots, and walking stick. 

It was also the perfect outfit for Adam to do some Geocaching in. If you don't know, Geocaching is this fun thing where people hide "treasure" then mark the coordinates on an app and then you go searching for it. When you find a "cache" there is typically a notebook to sign your name and usually some kind of trinket you can take with you (stickers, crayons, marbles - that kind of thing.) We had fun searching for caches near our house and then decided we ought to create our own. Adam loved the idea and so we gathered up some treasures to put in it and he found a great spot off one of the trails near our house to hide it. So far we've had about a dozen people find it and Adam gets such a kick out of looking in his cache to see people's signatures and he's even found that a few people have taken one of his treasures but left a new treasure in its place - so fun. 

Looking forward to Geocaching on our various camping trips now - they are everywhere! 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Adam Rides a Bike...

One of the lessons we've learned as parents is that sometimes as much as you want your child to learn to do something - if they aren't interested then sometimes you just have to back off and let them figure it out on their own terms. Case in point - bike riding. I guess we just assumed this was something Adam would want to learn to do at least by the age of 5 or 6 but after several attempts Adam finally declared "I don't want to ride my bike and you shouldn't force me to." Ummmm...ok. It was that same day we caught an episode of Modern Family where the same topic was brought up and sure enough - the pressure the parents were putting out there was enough to make the daughter refuse to ride - until she was ready - and then she did. Hello life lessons in primetime! :) 

So, that being said - we backed off. However I had a sneaking suspicion that Adam's scooter would help teach him balance and a few weekends back while we were enjoying a ton of outdoor time due to unseasonably warm weather we simply suggested to Adam that he might be able to ride his bike now since he was so good at balancing on his scooter. He seemed interested and willing to try (that's the key) and so we got his bike out, he put on his helmet, and all of a sudden while we weren't even looking Adam starts cheering "I'm doing it!!" And sure enough - without even an ounce of help from us Adam was riding his bike. 


A fun milestone that Adam hit when he was ready and now we can't get him off of it! He even rode his bike nearly 3 miles yesterday. 

We may not have had to teach Adam how to ride a bike - but he certainly taught us something! 

Go Adam go! 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Harper's 1st Haircut...

Another big milestone for Harper - his first haircut!! We snuck him in right before Adam's appointment and since he had missed his morning nap he was tired and a bit out of it so he happily sat on my lap while Teresa gave him a good trim - his bangs sure needed it! He did start to get fussy towards the end so we may not have gotten as much chopped off as we wanted but he was still looking handsome as can be! 

The before....

The during....

The after....

My sweet blondie!