Saturday, February 3, 2018

Christmas Afternoon/Evening...

After our wonderful Christmas morning we got ourselves recharged (and the house cleaned up!) for round three of our Christmas celebration! My family arrived in time for us to share our traditional Christmas lunch - Chinese take-out - and it was just the fuel we needed to prep for the next round of gift opening - wowza! 

It was fun having a full house on Christmas day - even Auntie Anne was able to join us - we even had an extra dog in the house - Holly. Grandma brought everyone's stockings from her house filled with all the necessities - chap stick, lotion, floss - and some fun surprises as well - like Starbucks gift cards & fun new ornaments. I love that 35 years later I still get to open up stocking stuffers from my original stocking. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent opening gifts and playing with new toys while the Christmas carols played in the background and the fire warmed us all up.

For dinner we made a prime rib with Grandpa's famous mashed potatoes on the side and we surprised everyone with Christmas crackers at the dinner table - it was fun to see what random treasures were inside and everyone looked super festive in their paper crowns. 

It was a really fun, family & tradition filled day - another fabulous Christmas in the books. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Christmas Morning...

I'll admit, after last year's debacle with Andy getting hit with a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad stomach bug on Christmas, I was pretty nervous all season long that something like that would happen again to someone in the family - so it was vitamins, hand washing, and lots of water drinking throughout in an attempt to keep our holiday from being postponed again. Happily, everyone woke up on Christmas morning feeling healthy, happy, and oh so excited for the day ahead! 

I love that Harper is at an age now where some of this stuff is starting to make sense. He loved that he got to spend time in Adam's room while Andy and I made sure everything was in order downstairs - of course Santa did most of the work - but there was coffee to be made, a dishwasher to empty, etc. Hearing the boys giggle and laugh upstairs reminded me of when I was growing up and we'd spend our Christmas at Wintergreen and Mark, Kathleen and I would have to hang out in our room together while we wait to get the green light to come down. Just love all the memories that the holidays bring out. 

The boys were busting at the seems though to come out and see what Santa had brought - even though I think he's still a bit confused, Harper was completely mesmerized by seeing all the colorful packaging in the family room down below. Adam was in awe as well - I love that even on his 9th Christmas the magic in his eyes still shines! 

Santa sure did spoil everyone with gifts galore. Toys, a balance bike, books upon books upon books, puzzles, clothes and of course toothbrushes, floss, and bandaids - because, well, stocking stuffers. 

A highlight of the morning for Adam was receiving an Xbox from us - we can't let Santa get all the glory - he was out of his mind excited as we had laid it on pretty thick that he would NOT be getting one...oh the lies we tell during the holidays. :) 

It was a fun, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows filled morning - served up with a side of Sweedish pancakes. 

Ho ho ho....

Christmas Eve...

We had an awesome Christmas Eve which started with a quick visit to the Fair Oaks NICU to drop off the clothing that my Girl Scout Troop had donated and lots of fresh baked breads and goodies for the docs and nurses who were taking care of those sweet babies during the holidays. It's a tradition I plan to keep each and every year. 

After that we spent the rest of the day wrapping presents, doing some last minute shopping (as per usual) and hosting a delicious dinner for Ommy & Poppy. You could feel the excitement in the air. 

It might not have been a Feast of Seven Fishes, but we did have some fresh oysters on the half, steamed mussels and shrimp in our Christmas fettuccine! I love how Adam loves oysters - and turns out he's a big fan of mussels too! 

The boys opened their Christmas Even presents - matching pajamas, of course! 

Then they got spoiled with lots of fun toys and books from Ommy & Poppy! Poppy got a new toy too - a wagon to use in his yard & garden. 

We took lots of great pictures then it was off to bed so that Santa could arrive....

Of course not before putting out the cookies! Come one Santa - we're ready!