Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Last Hurrah of Summer...The City of Brotherly Love...

We decided to head towards Philadelphia for our last stop before heading home. We found a campground in South New Jersey that was only a 15 minute drive to Philadelphia so it was the perfect spot to spend our last night.

I'd never been to Philadelphia so we were excited to go walk around and check out some of this historic sites. We saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Lucky for us the Liberty Bell can be seen from a window so you don't have to wait in what was probably a 60+ minute line. 

While we didn't get to the Rocky steps we did see Rocky and Adam is now anxious to watch the movie. 

We also had an afternoon snack of a Philly Cheeseteak - definitely good but not life changing. 

After our express tour of Philadelphia we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the campground. They had a nice big dog park which everyone enjoyed running around. We rode bikes, cooked our meal over the fire, and reflected on the wonderful trip that we'd had. It was sad knowing it was our last night in our home on wheels but we knew our next adventure would be soon enough. 

A fantastic last hurrah of summer comes to a close - and Adam has the key chains to show for it. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Last Hurrah of Summer...Mystic River...

While we were sad to say goodbye to Cape Cod we knew our adventures weren't over just yet - only we didn't really have a plan for what our next adventure would be. We left our campground without a destination in mind which was a bit nerve wracking at first but wound up leading us to an unforgettable day/night in the charming town of Mystic River, Connecticut. 

As we were driving along and approaching the lunch hour we decided to just do a quick search on my phone for the closest KOA. When the Mystic River KOA showed up and we noticed it was only 30 miles away we knew that would be our stopping point. We arrived and set-up camp just in time to enjoy a nice lunch outdoors. Adam was thrilled to learn they had a pool so he and Andy spent some time enjoying what would turn out to be the last swim session of summer. Harper napped and I did some work. Adam also got to check out the insanely huge and super fun tube slides they had - wow - what a campground!

Later that afternoon we drove into the town of Mystic River and spent a couple hours walking around and taking in all the sites and sounds of this adorable river town. We even got to watch the historic Mystic River Draw Bridge open up - the boys (all 3 of them) loved that for sure. 


For dinner we ordered carry-out pizza from - where else - Mystic Pizza! We've never seen the movie but it still seemed like the right thing to do. Harper and I had fun playing dominoes and Adam made friends at the park while we waited for Andy to return with our pies - they were delicious! 

That night Adam got to enjoy a movie under the stars (just love all the amenities that KOA's offer) while Andy and I enjoyed the campfire and the amazing starry sky. The campground is situated on a huge farm so there was hardly any light pollution - it really was a perfect night. 

Where to tomorrow we asked ourselves...we decided to wing it again as it worked so perfectly this time around...