Tuesday, December 31, 2013


So I'm not a huge fan of being in warm places during the holidays, but I will say that the places I have to visit for work tend to be very festive and this last hotel even had their very own elf on the shelf keeping en eye on things...yikes!


They also have their own set of dogs to keep the guests happy, and I mean seriously, how could you not be happy seeing these faces? 


I should have been in Florida for a conference, but luckily my flights gave me a break and offered me an opportunity to see Adam enjoy his first shot at sledding! The snow seemed relentless and boy did we enjoy our "free day!"

Adam loved every moment in the winter wonderland and he hated having to come inside. So many memories brewing of when Andy & I were kids playing in the snow. So fun!

Wolf Trap Sing-A-:Long!

One of my favorite traditions since Adam came around is going to Wolf Trap for their annual Christmas Concert. It's free. They collect Toys4Tots. You can bring cookies and hot chocolate. Nothing can top this early holiday celebration. Over the years we've invited different friends to join along and it's made for just a wonderful Saturday in the beginning of the holiday season. 


Adam had a wonderful visit with Santa this year. He and Olivia met up with the big guy at Kathleen's office. There were balloon artists, face painters, crafts, and all kinds of goodies for the kids to enjoy! 

Adam and Santa discussed remote control helicopters for quite some time, it seemed Santa worried about such a grown up toy for our little boy, even reminding Adam about his father's struggles with keeping remote helicopters from breaking. 

We'll see what Santa ends up bringing little Adam! 

Happy Birthday Bubby!

Oh my sweet December birthday boy, how we love you so! Nothing is better than celebrating your birthday amid twinkling lights, hanging garland and the smell of fresh pine! Even a mid-week birthday turns into a wonderful celebration! 

Tree hunting...

With our traditional tree tucked nicely in the Living Room we decided we needed a really tall real tree for our Family Room. After looking around at Home Depot we realized if we were going to pick out a tree, why not do it in a more picturesque setting. So it was off to Meadows Farms which was the picture perfect place to find our tree. 

The trees were all displayed sans netting, the smell of fresh pine needles infiltrated the air, the bonfire was perfect for warming up and the free hot chocolate was the perfect treat after selecting a tree. 

I love the tree we picked out and it was a wonderful sight to see all season long. 

"Look Adam!"

Christmas came to town