Friday, December 27, 2013

A wonderful Thanksgiving...

All the preparations and hard work were totally worth the wonderful evening we spent with family and friends. The weather was rather chilly, but that didn't stop some of our guests from enjoying a cozy fire on the deck. Others watched football, some just chit chatted, and everyone enjoyed spending time talking with Adam. For being the only kid among a room full of adults (Olivia had to leave at lunch) I'd say he did great and was very social and had everyone in stitches as he tricked people into giving him kisses!

The food was amazing and was it plentiful! Dan & Eloise brought a gorgeous Mediterranean inspired appetizer platter, Kathleen made garlic stuffed mushrooms, Ommy & Poppy brought a home grown winter squash from the garden and super fresh green beans. The wine was flowing and everyone was sent home with lots of leftovers. 

It was a fabulous first Thanksgiving in our new home and we look forward to many, many more! 

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