Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Liddy - Award Winning Model!?

It's true! Liddy's adorable tailgating photo was selected as one of three that were tweeted, instagramed, & facebooked to be shown on the jumbo-tron during the game. The crowd was then asked to vote for their favorite of the three and, no surprise to us, our Liddy was the winner for being tailgater of the day! :)

Sadly we were not at the game, but we got to hear all the details from our neighbors as they returned to their campsites afterwards. They were all so excited that "they knew that dog on the screen!" My friends that were at the game were laughing when they heard that Liddy was the "adorable dog" they showed. Sorry we missed seeing her face on the monitor, but happy that we got to watch the game in front of the fire with the official Hokie tailgater of the day! 

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