Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's the Holiday Season...

Since the first time we saw our new home I'd been picturing how gorgeous it was going to be come Christmas time. I've been working through my head how many strands of garland I'd need, where the tree(s) would go, and loving how easily accessible our Spode would be (no climbing on the counter tops like in the townhouse.) I would randomly buy a new strand of garland at Costco in September and a new wreath for the front door in early November, sneakily trying to spread out the spending. So when the time finally came to get the decorating started, I was beyond ready! 

Sure there were some stressful moments (hello burnt out strands of lights on every. strand. of. garland) but we persevered and the results were everything I imagined they'd be! 

Of course I've already got a wish list of things to add for next year..wreaths for the windows? Garland over the front door? Oh the possibilities! 

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