Sunday, December 8, 2013


At Adam's 4 year check-up his doctor (whom we LOVE by the way) was a little concerned over his eye exam. She knows him well enough to know that he knows his letters so the fact that he couldn't call off the bottom line of small letters raised some flags. She suggested we visit an ophthalmologist and recommended a wonderful pediatric one nearby. After a little bit of procrastination I finally made his appointment (frankly as much as I love Dr. Davitt I figured she was all wet on his eye exam, and that Adam was just being silly - call it wishful thinking I guess) and in mid-November we headed to Dr. Bullard for an exam. 

After nearly 2.5 hours of various tests, including six eye drops to dilate his eyes (boy was he not a fan of those! That boy has given blood without even a whimper but eye drops 2 thru 6 were an all out battle) Dr. Bullard determined that Adam has what's called Amblyopia. Basically his right eye is very far sighted and his left eye has been compensating for it all this time which has led to his brain not making the proper connection to his right eye. Thankfully, and kudos to Dr. Davitt, we caught it early and it can be corrected with glasses. We'll go back in two months to make sure the glasses are helping to improve that connection, if not, we may have to do some patching on his left eye, but we'll cross that bridge if we have to. 

So Adam is now sporting a new look and frankly I think he pulls it off very well. He's doing great with his glasses and I don't even think he notices them anymore - I'm guessing he's seeing a lot better and that left eye is getting a much deserved break after pulling the heavy load for the past four years. :)

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