Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas #4!

On Saturday we got to have yet another Christmas celebration! Aunt Anne and Uncle Jim came to my folk's house and it was the first time (great) Uncle Jim got to meet little Adam.

We had a nice afternoon just hanging out, playing some pool, and of course admiring Adam. He really found his voice this weekend and has been giggling up a storm and chatting quite a bit!! I think Liddy knows what he's saying, but the rest of us are still trying to figure it out! :)

For dinner my dad outdid himself with a great prime rib, his famous mashed potato casserole, spinach and artichoke casserole, and I think there was green salad as well...but not many of us bothered with that! :) We'll start hitting the Wii Fit after the holidays!

After dinner we gathered around the Christmas tree for yet more gift giving. Adam was sweet and gave pictures of himself to Jim and Anne--they were both very appreciative. In return, Jim gave Adam a great Hokie bird stuffed animal and for Andy and me, a humongous snowman! Anne was also very good to us with jewelry for me and more of our Christmas Spode china for Andy (ok, maybe that's for me too!) :) As for Adam, Anne went overboard (though we don't mind) and got him several adorable outfits! He really is a styling boy! :)

It was a great 4th Christmas and while we didn't get to see all of our family over the holidays, we are thankful that we got to see as many as we did!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas day photo shoot with Uncle Lee

After dinner, Uncle Lee had a little photo shoot with Adam to commemorate his first Christmas! I may be biased but I think he snapped some great pictures!! Thanks Uncle Lee!

Christmas with the Greeleys

After we finished our Christmas at home, we packed up our sleigh and headed out to Grandma and Grandpa's house for more festivities!

Uncle Mark and Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Lee were there as well, but sadly cousin Andrew was with his mom, so we'll look forward to celebrating Christmas with him on Saturday.

We thought Santa had brought a lot to our home, but Grandma and Grandpa put in quite a big order with the big man and he came through!! Adam got lots of great toys some clothes and even a coupon to spend a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's (which has no expiration date and has unlimited renewals)!

Andy and I also got spoiled, and we are now the proud owners of a Cuisinart, a dutch oven, and did we mention the coupon for Adam to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's for a weekend!? :)

We finished the day with a great "Thanksgiving" Christmas dinner and we even were able to snap more family photos on the stairs (a great tradition I think!)

I hope everyone had as merry of a Christmas as we did!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Adam's first Christmas morning!

Santa was very good to Adam, as Adam was a very good boy this year (or these 3 1/2 months)! He was even treated to a white Christmas as the snow from last weekend's storm is still lingering. We woke up around 7:30 and watched "A Christmas Story" while Andy got breakfast ready and the house cleaned up (what a great gift!)

Once we got the "all clear" from Andy, we headed downstairs, but stopped first for the traditional Christmas morning picture on the stairs. Liddy was so cute, the minute she saw Adam and I sit on the stairs, she came right up and sat next to me and put her paw on my leg--too cute!

After we snapped some photos we poured ourselves some coffee and mimosas (using our wedding champagne flutes, thanks again Kathleen) and headed in to see what Santa had brought.

To my surprise and delight Santa had brought the most adorable rocking horse for Adam which he immediately tested out...and then Andy and I had to give it a try! :) Liddy wasn't sure what to think of the horse, but I think she'll get used to it!

We started by unwrapping our stockings and had fun finding little treats like Starbucks coffee, baby lotion and soap, ornaments, new pacifier clips (courtesy of Cranberries and Capers) and of course the traditional travel sized toiletries!

Adam just kept watching all the bright wrapping paper being torn open and occasionally flashed us a smile to show his approval for his presents! In addition to the rocking horse, Adam also got a few clothes, big boy bottles, some toys, and lots of new books.

Santa was also good to Andy and me. Andy got a few sweaters, some games, and the new Vince Flynn book. I got some perfume, some wine, gift cards to buy new clothes, and a few movies. I guess that was reward for Andy and I being so good this year! :)

After the Christmas present opening extravaganza we headed into the kitchen for a great breakfast of egg casserole and more "A Christmas Story" watching!

It was the perfect first Christmas morning for Adam, and he was zonked out before we could even finish cleaning up! Next year we'll look forward to him being a little more mobile and perhaps helpful when it comes to throwing out all the wrapping paper! :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

"Twas the Night Before Christmas"

We have been anticipating Adam's first Christmas since we found out he was joining our family and I can't believe the holidays have finally arrived! Sadly, little Adam has been under the weather this week, but is on the mend and was even able to smile and enjoy his Christmas.

We spent most of yesterday finalizing our shopping and wrapping and then preparing for our annual Christmas Eve feast with Ommy and Poppy! Andy made a homemade spaghetti sauce with the best meatballs I've ever had (thanks Alysia for the recipe!) We also had a great spread of appetizers, including baked brie with garlic fig jam, shrimp cocktail, and pesto and sundried tomato wraps.

Auntie Bebe and Uncle Mark and cousins Dave and Kurt stopped by for the appetizers which was great! Dave and Kurt are wonderful cousins and couldn't stop doting on baby Adam. We were able to give them their Christmas gifts as well, which is always fun!

Adam was also given his first Christmas gifts, an adorable Gund teddy bear that reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and Adam was so mesmerized, he loves it!! He also got a Leap Frog music table that recieved rave reviews from cousin Garrett! Thanks Ommy and Poppy!

Auntie Bebe and Uncle Mark got Adam a toy and a Christmas book which we will look forward to reading him every year!

Once our company left, we headed up to Adam's room for a few surprise gifts. I've decided to start a tradition of giving festive PJ's on Christmas Eve, so Adam got Andy and I PJ's and we in turn got him a pair. We also had to add a few additions to inlcude a "Cookies for Santa" plate, "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", and the book "Twas the Night Before Christmas," (not knowing he'd have a bear that could read it to him! :)

I'd say it was a great first Christmas Eve for Adam, and his fever was even gone before the day ended---the best Christmas Eve gift of all!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A "snowtastic" weekend!

I think in the future I should keep in mind that all Andy needs as a birthday/anniversary/Christmas gift is a BIG snow storm in December! He was beyond giddy at the prospect of lots of snow and when the storm came to fruition he was even more excited announcing at the breakfast table things like, "we are going to have SNOOOOW much fun today," and "this is SNOWTASTIC!"

Well, in fact we did have a "snowtastic" weekend! We started off with some early morning Christmas shopping as our new car allows us to truck through 15" of snow with ease! It was great being practically the only ones at the stores the Saturday before Christmas!

We also got to let Liddy run rampant in the snow banks. We almost lost her a few times, but she always managed to dig her way out! :) She had a blast and is officially zonked!

We also did a lot of baking and equaled that out by testing out the new Wii Fit Plus that I got Andy for his birthday. I have a feeling this new toy will provide lots of laughs (and hopefully some good workouts) as I am still reeling from watching Andy hula hoop, without a a hula hoop!

Today we did some more shopping and even managed a few good deeds, of which Andy gets full credit! He helped two different families get their cars "un-stuck" and also shoveled Greg and Erica's driveway as they are heading home from a long weekend in Hilton Head.

A great weekend with more great days to come as the government has announced its closure for tomorrow, so let this "SNOW FUN" weekend continue! :)