Sunday, March 30, 2014

Trying out Tennis...

Graced with unseasonably warm temperatures in the midst of the coldest and snowiest winter I can remember, we decided to take advantage and get outdoors. Having introduced Adam to both golf and soccer we thought it was time to add in another sport - tennis. 

Decked out in new workout clothes and with a new racket, we hit the tennis court. We quickly learned that we need to start with the basics, and I have to say, Adam had a super attitude and while he could have gotten very frustrated he simply kept asking to try again. It was great. He also makes a super good ball boy which came in handy when Andy and I challenged each other to a match. 

The tennis wasn't necessarily pretty (heck, I'm still using my racket from middle school) but we were outside without snow pants on, being active without it involving shoveling, and enjoying time as a family. Win/Win/Win! 

Reunion Weekend

A few weekends ago we got our old crew back together for a little reunion. Chris, Aimee, Ryan & Drew came up from Richmond and Greg, Erica, Blake & Parker came as well. We were blessed with a rare spring-like day in February which allowed us to have windows open, a pork shoulder smoking on the grill, and tulips on display for the first time this year.

The kids had so much fun playing together. The basement looked like a tornado had come through, but that just proved it was a good time for all. We had fun chasing Drew around (newly walking and in a not so baby-proofed house) and Parker took it all in from her bouncy seat, never shedding a tear, she's officially the best baby ever. 

As for us grown kids, we had fun catching up and strolling down memory lane from time to time. 

Adam was excited to have a sleepover with Ryan. They did great (once they fell asleep!) and in the morning it was cartoons in our bed followed by the best doughnuts (a sleep over must-have!) 

It was a short visit, but way overdue. Looking forward to our next reunion (where hopefully I'll take more pictures!) :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

A loveable (and lengthy) Valentines...

Due to yet another snow storm (this one upwards of 15 inches!) our lover's holiday was extended this year. We got to celebrate on the actual day and got to celebrate again after the snow melted and school opened back up at his Valentines Dance!

Our Valentine's Day involved beautiful flowers, cards, and a decadent lobster thermador topped filet dinner and my favorite (naughty) red. Chocolate strawberries (always my request) were the perfect ending to a sweet day spent playing in the snow and cuddling by the fire.

Adam's Valentines Dance was very festive. All the kiddos were adorable in their dress up clothes. The boys in sweaters, vests, and even a three piece suit for one little boy. The girls had on fancy dresses, tights and lots of patton leather Mary-Janes!

Adam was spoiled with lots of Valentines and treats from his friends and girlfriends but at the end of it all was still asking if I'd be his Valentine (swoon!

Say what you will about this "Hallmark" holiday but I just love it. Smooches all around! 

Snowmagoodness...what a winter!

Wow did we get a lot of snow this winter (and spring!) I still can't believe how much use Adam's snow pants got (especially considering the pair I bought him last year were used once - in an inch of snow.) We did make the most of each snow storm, finding that our side yard made for the perfect sledding hill. Here's just a few photos and videos from the epic winter of 2014! 

Visit to the Dinosaur Museum...

Or at least that's what Adam calls it. Really it's the Museum of Natural History and we figured we better get a visit in before they close the dinosaur exhibit for a few years. This winter it was imperative that we find ways to get out and about without having to actually be outdoors. Brrrrr it was a cold few months! 

Anyhow, Adam just loved seeing the various exhibits, of course the dinosaurs being his favorite. He also found the insect section to be rather stimulating, which was a bummer as it's my least favorite part - those are some big spiders they have on display - eeek! 

Fortunately the giraffe at the end of our visit made up for it! :) 

Winter Gala

How fitting that during the winter that never seemed to end that Adam's school would host a Winter Gala. The kids performed a few songs, there was a cake walk, and we got to spend some time meeting some of his buddies and their parents. We won't mention the fact that we blew a tire in the parking lot...