Friday, March 28, 2014

A loveable (and lengthy) Valentines...

Due to yet another snow storm (this one upwards of 15 inches!) our lover's holiday was extended this year. We got to celebrate on the actual day and got to celebrate again after the snow melted and school opened back up at his Valentines Dance!

Our Valentine's Day involved beautiful flowers, cards, and a decadent lobster thermador topped filet dinner and my favorite (naughty) red. Chocolate strawberries (always my request) were the perfect ending to a sweet day spent playing in the snow and cuddling by the fire.

Adam's Valentines Dance was very festive. All the kiddos were adorable in their dress up clothes. The boys in sweaters, vests, and even a three piece suit for one little boy. The girls had on fancy dresses, tights and lots of patton leather Mary-Janes!

Adam was spoiled with lots of Valentines and treats from his friends and girlfriends but at the end of it all was still asking if I'd be his Valentine (swoon!

Say what you will about this "Hallmark" holiday but I just love it. Smooches all around! 

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