Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break - Lake Anna...

I was so looking forward to this year's spring break. We originally had some big plans to head south but as per our usual style, we changed things up last minute to accommodate an even better trip this summer (more on that later) and ended up staying a little closer to home. Our first stop was two nights at one of our favorite Virginia destinations - Lake Anna State Park. 

We lucked out and had some amazing weather - clear skies, sunshine and shorts weather for the win! We spent much of our time outdoors just enjoying our campsite - playing frisbee, working on Adam's baseball skills, throwing sticks for the dogs, and even giving Harper his first outdoor dining experience. 

While we never got out on the lake (still need to figure out how to tow a boat and camper at the same time...hmmm) we did get some good lake view time in. One afternoon we hiked down to the lake and watched Adam enjoy the lake front playground. Harper enjoyed that hike as it was his first time riding in the stroller out of his car seat. The dogs just enjoyed all the fresh air. The next day we had lunch at Tim's - a new addition to the lake since back in the day when going down there was a regular thing for us (read before we sold the boat and bought the camper). It was great being able to eat lunch outside looking out onto the lake and making plans in our head for the summer and even warmer weather ahead of us. 

We also dyed our Easter eggs while we were camping at Lake Anna. Funny enough we dyed eggs at the exact same campsite that we had dyed them exactly 3 years earlier - to the day. Time flies when you're having fun!! 

Aside from that we just enjoyed slowing down and enjoying lots of family time. We played games, read books, colored (kids and adults!), and best of all - Adam forgot his iPad - even better, he didn't blame that oversight on us - he took full responsibility and found ways to entertain himself without it - my jaw is still on the floor! :) 

Lake Anna will always hold a special place in our camping and boating hearts and first things first when we win the lottery someday - buy a house on there - yup. 

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