Thursday, April 28, 2016

Harper Hits the 7th Inning (well, month)...

Harper hit 7 months on April 5 and so of course we celebrated. With professional baseball starting back up - and more importantly, Adam's Little League baseball getting started we figured why not weave that into the celebration! 

This last month has been so fun with our all-star (get it!?) ;) We've finally found a good and mostly reliable schedule for him - this has been a homerun (is it getting to be too much?!) for me especially as I continue to keep him home and work around his schedule. The hardest part of the schedule is keeping up with it on the weekends when we need/want to be out and about - but we're finding ways to be flexible while still being reasonable - something we were never willing to do with Adam - because, well - first time parents. ha!

Harper has also gotten even more playful. He loves his excersaucer and also enjoys playing with toys in his high chair - always good to have lots of entertainment options that include him being strapped in and independent for a bit. He's also doing so well with rolling over, pushing up when he's on his belly - and soooooo anxious to start moving - no doubt that milestone is right around the corner. 

His giggles seem endless at times and those beautiful and big blue eyes of his will melt your heart - this kid is top of the line-up, pinch hitter, Rookie of the Year, etc. etc. etc. 

Happy 7 months Harper boy! 

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