Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekend in Williamsburg

With weather forecasted to be in the high 50's this past weekend, we decided to take advantage of our new "vacation home on wheels" and headed down to Williamsburg for a night.  We found a great campground that was open through the winter and with an early morning departure we arrived and had our site set up by 10:30, just in time to head into town for lunch at our favorite spot.

I think we mostly drive the 90+ minutes to Williamsburg, just for The Cheese Shop.  I mean, it really is the best sandwich place (aside from Macados of course) and you can't beat the huge wine cellar and tasting room.  Adam loves it too, as evidenced by his devouring of his smoked salmon and bagel. 

After lunch we walked around for a bit before heading back for nap time.  Adam took a great nap while Andy and Liddy played outside and I did some shopping.  Then it was time to hit up the great playground they had.  Adam had so much fun climbing up the little rock wall and going down the twisty slide about a gazillion times.  It was the perfect afternoon.

The day got even better as we headed back to our site to get started on dinner.  Andy and Poppy installed our new stereo last weekend which meant we were able to pump some great Nat King Cole through our outdoor speakers.  I have to say, as I sat there slicing potatoes for dinner, sipping on a glass of wine, listening to that amazing music while Adam and Andy played catch, I couldn't help but feel completely happy.  I might not have ever pictured myself owning a camper, but if it means nights like this, then I'm not sure I ever want to be without one. 

Great weekend, great family, and yes, a great camper!

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