Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter wreath...

I hate saying goodbye to my Christmas decorations.  It's just about my least favorite day of year.  My house always feels so empty and dull once the lights and garland are down.  Luckily this year I had Pinterest to help pull me out of the post-Christmas doldrums! 

I had seen this wreath and knew it would be a fun activity and a great wintry wreath for January.  Making the yarn balls was actually so fun and almost therapeutic.  I simply bought different sizes of styrofoam balls and wrapped them in various styles and colors of yarn. 

For the wreath I just bought a cheap wooden wreath from Michaels then wrapped it in yarn.  That was probably the most tedious part, but I'm glad I did it.  Then I just used A LOT of hot glue and finished it off with some glittery picks that I got on major post-holiday sale. 

I think I'm going to add some additional balls to it to thicken it up, but for now I'm loving how it looks hanging in our morning room. 

Thank you Pinterest and Two Junk Chix! :)

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