Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy birthday Andy!

I'd say that Andy had a pretty great birthday.  It started off with a round of golf.  Just Andy, his clubs, and the course to himself (not many people golfing on a Monday morning in December.)  From what I heard he played very well and while there weren't any witnesses, I'm happy to take his word for it. 

He then picked up Adam a little early from school, and being the awesome dad that he is, he took him to the park. 

We then had his parents over for his birthday dinner.  I was pretty excited about his cake.  He requested chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, and while I hate to admit it, he even made his own cake.  However I did make the frosting and of course did the decorating.  I rather liked the drummer boy cake and considering he spent the night walking around saying, "want to eat drum?" I'd say that Adam was quite fond of it as well. 

Happy birthday bub we love you!! 

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