Friday, January 6, 2012

A Christmas dinner party...

It's amazing how every year, without fail, I enter the holiday season with grandiose aspirations of hosting multiple dinner parties, a cocktail party or two, and perhaps even a cookie swap or brunch just to round it all out.  And alas, every year, the days go flying by and before I know it I'm scrambling to get even one dinner party together.  Of course, I do always find a way to make at least one party occur, and this year we were able to host my family for a Christmas Eve, Eve, dinner party.  Phew! :)

This year's December issue of my bible, I mean, "Martha Stewart Living," was probably the best issue yet with tons of great recipes and ideas, add to that my new obsession with Pinterest, and I had all the inspiration I needed to throw a festive and delicious holiday feast!

I love, love, loved my table scape.  I found these adorable yarn wrapped trees on Pinterest and just had to make some for myself.  So easy and so inexpensive--bonus! 

For dinner we served a roasted pork with a cranberry apple chutney, roasted autumn vegetables, smashed red potatoes, and an arugula salad with a balsamic Dijon dressing.  The chutney was an experiment, and while it is a gorgeous accompaniment, it was a bit on the sour side, must work on that for the next rendition.

Of course the highlight (aside from my table scape...did I mention my table scape!?!?!) was the time spent with my family.  Adam and Olivia chased each other around and while they weren't doing that they were spending time with Uncle Mark who so graciously entertained them with train videos.  My mom wrapped the presents that Andy bought for me (an annual tradition) and my dad just enjoyed having a night off from cooking. ;)

I love the holidays and I love my family...a match made in heaven? I think so!

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