Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Letter to Santa...

Adam was all about Santa this year.  He would wave to him when he'd see him on commercials, he'd wave and say "Hi Santa!" when he'd see an inflatable version in someone's front lawn, and he'd walk around the house singing, "better not cry...Santa Claus is coming to town."  It was more than slightly adorable. 

So we absolutely had to write a letter to Santa to make sure he knew what Adam wanted as a reward for being a good boy (which we were sure to remind him was a stipulation on an almost hourly basis throughout December). 

I found a template online (thanks again Martha!) and we sat down together to fill it out.  On Adam's wish list this year, "legos, puzzles, a camper, and trains." 

Now don't tell Adam, but I never mailed it, I rather like the idea of hanging on to them to give to Adam at a future point in time, perhaps the night before he leaves for college? We'll see, for now I'm just loving every minute of the magic of Christmas through the eyes of my sweet boy. 

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