Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas at the beach...

The day after Christmas we decided to hit the road and head for sunshine, palm trees, sand, and best of all, Don and Rosemary! With a week off from work, why not take advantage and get out of town for a bit!?

I'm certain there is no place quite as relaxing as Don and Rosemary's which made it the perfect destination after the holidays. 

We had a great visit which included a trip to the beach.  The weather was gorgeous that day and Andy even put his feet in the water.   After our failed attempt at a beach trip this summer, it was nice to at least get in 30 minutes of beach time before the year ended. 

The nice weather also meant we got a lot of good walks in and some park time for Adam.  He loved "driving" this car and said he was on his way to see "BePa!"

We also just enjoyed spending time with Don and Rosemary and I know they enjoyed having a little one around during the holidays.  They both had fun building legos and playing trains with Adam.  He loves his Don and Mae Mae and is already asking when we can go back! I say, how about April?  :)


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