Friday, January 6, 2012

Six years...

Andy and I celebrated our sixth anniversary on December 17.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa we had the entire day to ourselves.  We did some Christmas shopping, had a nice lunch out, and did some relaxing and Christmas card writing. 

Over the years we've done our best to stick to the traditional anniversary gifts:

Year 1-Paper: I framed the sheet music to our first dance song

Year 2-Cotton: Flannel sheets, oh so romantic! ha
Year 3-Leather: New wallet for Andy, Uggs for me
Year 4-Fruit: Nothing says "I love you babe" like a box of oranges and grapefruits
Year 5-Wood: Cedar wood planks for the grill

And...Year 6- Iron: New cookie sheets and a new outdoor fireplace!  So after a great dinner of roast lamb we snuggled up outside by the fire and found ourselves doing what we do best, talking about the best gift we've given each other...Adam. 

Happy anniversary bub!  

PS: Year 7 is Wool or Cotton...hmm, good thing I have 11 months left to figure that one out! :)

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