Monday, July 11, 2011

Evening boat ride...

A week or so ago, Mother Nature blessed us with some low humidity, mid 80's temperatures which made for the perfect weather to head out for an evening boat ride. 

Since Adam has been doing so well on the boat we decided it was time to let Liddy tag along.  We packed up some dinner for Adam and picked up sushi on the way to the marina for Andy and I and then we proceeded to have an awesome sunset cruise. 

After we finished our picnic, it was time to swim off our meals.  Liddy, of course, was in heaven.  She would have swam all night if we'd let her.  Adam was just mesmerized by watching Liddy, but it wasn't long before he was asking to get in, at which point he was the one in charge of throwing the ball to Liddy. 

It was so fun to watch my family splashing around and after I took a few pictures, I sat back on the bow of the boat, closed my eyes, listened to my family laughing and swimming, and just couldn't help but be thankful for this awesome life. 

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