Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Planes, trains, and automobiles...and so much more!

Friday night we surprised Adam when we picked him up from school by having "Wally boat" with us!  He was so excited when we walked outside and he saw the boat hitched to the truck.  We then told him we were going for an evening boat ride and that we were going to have dinner on the boat.  His response, "Ooooh, Wally boat, dinner!" 

We launched from the air force base, putting us in the Potomac across from National Airport.  We hadn't taken Adam on a boat ride up the Potomac yet and we knew he was in for a treat.  We were lucky to have the planes landing from the city side, so Andy drove the boat around to get us right under their landing path.  Adam was in airplane heaven (so was Andy!)  It really is amazing how close the planes get, you can even smell the burnt rubber from the runways.  Pretty awesome.

After we watched a few planes land we took a ride up the Potomac towards Georgetown.  We went under four bridges and saw tons of cars, a few metro trains, and lots of sail boats, crew teams, and kayaks out on the water.  Adam was now in transportation heaven! 


As an added bonus we had a courtesy stop by a harbor policeman who did a routine safety check on us and our boat.  Adam loved the flashing blue lights and just kept saying "cops! cops!"  The policeman even gave Adam a "Junior Policeman" badge.  Fortunately we passed our safety check with flying colors (good job Captain Andy) and we were back on our way, with Adam waving and saying "Bye Cops!" as we rode off. 

On our ride back down the river we took in the great views of the monuments and The Kennedy Center, it's always so great seeing the city from the water.  Then we rode back past the airport to Old Town where we tied up at a dock and enjoyed our "Wally boat dinner." 

The weather was gorgeous, the views were amazing, the milk and wine were cold, and our little buddy was one happy boy!  Andy and I were in parenting heaven! ;)

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