Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Hard to believe that the 4th has already come and gone...where is this summer going!?  But, never the less, we did have a wonder holiday weekend. 

Poor Andy had to work, so Adam and I got out of his hair and headed up to Wintergreen with the rest of my family (as we so often do) to celebrate the holiday.  We had a great time swimming and playing and just spending time together.

Adam and Olivia continue to be great playmates and we caught them in several hide-and-seek moments (Adam must have learned a few tricks from his dad, the king of finding hiding spaces, and even moved a hall table to hide behind!) and even sat together a few times, including a nice outdoor dinner on the deck. 

Since the 4th was a Monday, Wintergreen held their fireworks on Sunday night, which was perfect since we needed to head home on Monday morning. So after a great BBQ dinner we put the little kids to bed and with the Grandparents on duty, the big kids headed up to watch what is always the most spectacular fireworks display!

Hope everyone enjoyed being with family and friends for the 4th of July and as always, a special thanks goes out to all those who are serving this awesome country that we are so fortunate to call home!

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