Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doggie Happy Hour

Last Friday we got to take Adam to his first Doggie Happy Hour or more commonly referred to as DHH.  Neil and Fionna hosted and their backyard was the perfect place for the kids to run around and play.  Adam got to get reaquinted with Lillian and Marley and met some new friends as well.  While we had a few "no boys allowed" moments, Adam held his own and by the end of the night was seen taking multiple wagon rides with scandalous! :) 

While there were quite a few kids, the dogs still reigned supreme! Liddy was so happy to see all of her friends, Saki, Casper, Jeter, Leyla, Zibby and Tatum. Great to have the whole gang back together, chasing tails, stealing food from the table, getting dirty and best of all, exhausting themselves!


Here's to the dogs! (who sadly were not photographed very well)

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