Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A week at the lake...

After our family filled weekend at the lake (and after two consecutive days of missed flights) I got to enjoy an extended vacation at the lake with my boys and Ommy and Poppy. 

We stayed in a great cabin that had it's own boat dock which made for lots of Wally time on the water. The weather was amazing, sweatshirts in the morning, bathing suits during the day, and back to sweatshirts in the evening.

The cabin was perfect for Adam to run around and play in and with a big deck and side yard, he had all the space he needed to get his energy out.  As for the adults, ladder golf was played, books were read, and lots of yummy meals were devoured (lobster roll anyone?!) :) 

Thanks to Ommy and Poppy, Andy and I even got to go out on a date.  We took the boat around the lake to Meridith Bay where we each had amazing pasta dinners (we've since recreated both pastas at home) and after dinner we took the boat around to The Weirs where we hit the arcades.  It was the perfect date night!

We were sad to have to leave New Hampshire, but I think I've made life long Lake Winnepesauke lovers our of Andy and Adam so I know we'll be back soon!  We loved the name of this one boat we saw, it certainly sums up the trip perfectly!

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