Monday, August 15, 2011

"Adam, meet the Greeley's"

While the house was something to see, the highlight of the weekend in New Hampshire was the opportunity for Adam to finally meeting all of his second cousins, Great Aunts and Uncles. Of course, he had already met Great Aunt Mary Jo and cousin Meghan (remember this?)

There was nothing shy about Adam that weekend. He knew they were family and he was giving out hugs and kisses left and right to all of them! He was very social with everyone and fit right in! :)

We had so much fun spending time with everyone, meeting a few girlfriends, meeting Meghan's soon to be in-laws, and eating....boy did we eat!  Kudos to the various chefs involved, and to the organizers of the make your own sundae bar, I applaud you!

When we weren't eating, we split our time between boating, swimming, hanging out on the water trampoline, sun bathing on the patio, and playing ping pong and pool. 

However, my favorite activity of the whole weekend was getting to listen to my uncle Tim sing while he played his guitar.  That was always a highlight of my previous trips to the lake and I soaked up every minute of it and loved that Andy got to experience it too (Adam was sound asleep after all that family time).  We all just sat out on that patio as we watched the sun go down, bundled up in sweatshirts, and we sang along, we danced, we applauded, we shouted our requests, we looked up at the stars and thought of those who weren't there to enjoy the moments with us. 

We did attempt a picture of all the cousins that were there and you'd think that being grown adults and all (well aside from Adam) that we'd be able to pull it off...but no.  HA!  Hopefully someone's camera captured the moment better than mine did and perhaps the issue wasn't the cousins but the amount of cameras. :) 

Love my family! :)  XOXOXO

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