Friday, February 22, 2013

Love was in the air...

It really is amazing how much more special the holidays are when you have a child.  I obviously knew Christmas would be taken to a completely new level and of course egg hunts would once again grace our Easter celebrations, but I never realized how much more fun Valentine's Day would be. It really is almost a kid's holiday, and I don't mind one bit.  

The celebrations started over the weekend as Adam and I started to prepare his Valentines for school. We also did a Valentine craft from his Highlights magazine and had fun letting Olivia in on the fun.  

We sent bubble wands in to school with little love notes to his classmates stating how they each "blow him away!" I love how they turned out and especially loved the lack of sugar! :) 

Adam came home from school on Valentine's Day with a substantial stack of love notes...and sugar...but he had a great time and I'm told the party they had at school was very fun and chalk full of red and pink treats! 

It wasn't such a bad day for the adults, I was gifted with some very lovely flowers and Andy made my favorite, chocolate covered strawberries!

I definitely have a new found *love* for this lover's holiday! 

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