Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adam's new ride...

Andy's big mission this spring was to find a bike trailer so that we could take family bike rides this summer and after many lost opportunities on Craig's List, he bit the bullet and just bought one from Amazon.  My job of buying a helmet for Adam was slightly easier. ;)

We took Adam for his first spin last week and he seemed to enjoy it.  He doesn't seem to mind wearing the helmet either, though I think it hinders his view a little as he's usually holding it up with his hand. 

Last night we took our first family bike trip to pick up sushi for dinner.  We called ahead and by the time we go there the sushi was all ready for us to take home.  We popped it in the back of the trailer and 10 minutes later we were back home enjoying our dinner.  So fun!

Looking forward to lots of bike rides this summer to the pool and maybe even to the zoo!


Lee said...

I sure hope you were wearing a helmet when you rode your bike!

RipleyVT said...

Told you Lee would say something! :)