Monday, May 16, 2011

P1 Party at The Palm

Friday night, Kathleen and I headed to The Palm to hang out with the hosts of my favorite radio show, "The Junkies," from 106.7.  They hosted a small party for fans that they call "P1s," a marketing term in the radio biz for extremely loyal listeners.  I'd say I definitely qualify and the show agreed!  So I was one of 25 listeners that was invited to attend and my plus 1 was my sister. :) 

Some may recall that I had met the Junkies before when I went in studio and won tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert (see here.)  Of course the tickets were a bonus as the real reason I participated was to hang with my boys.

The party was awesome and we got a lot of one on one time with the Junkies and learned some good gossip.  I also ran into an old classmate that I graduated high school with, who apparently is also a very loyal listener. 

Producer Bret

It was an awesome night and a great excuse to hang with Kathleen as well! :)

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