Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend...part I

As we often do, we headed down to Wintergreen for the holiday weekend.  We both took Friday off so we could enjoy an even longer weekend so first thing Friday morning we loaded the family in the car and made our way to the mountain. 

As per usual, our first stop was the Harris Teeter in Charlottesville where we loaded up on some supplies for a picnic lunch.  We then took our picnic to the Wintergreen Winery and were so happy to be greeted by a nice breeze and some shade from the clouds, so we were able to enjoy being outdoors. 

Adam and Liddy had fun, as always, running around and playing together.  Liddy chases Adam, Adam chases Liddy, and every now and again, they stop to show each other some love...

We also spent some time dipping our toes in the creek that runs by the winery. It was everything we could do to keep Liddy from diving right in, though I do think she managed to get more than her toes in at one point. Adam was also fascinated with the rushing water and we did let him splash his hands in for a little cool down.
It was a great picnic paired with a chilled Viognier...what could be better?

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