Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Blake's Baptism

This weekend we got to celebrate Blake's baptism in Hershey, PA. All three of us were supposed to attend, but Adam woke up on Saturday not feeling so hot, and after a quick trip to the CVS "Minute Clinic" (a wonderful place, especially when you have a sick one on the weekends!), we had another ear infection diagnosis and of course that yummy pink stuff to make him all better. Though this meant, no Hershey for Adam.

With Adam in Grandpa and Grandma's care, Andy and I made the drive up to PA so that we could participate in the weekend's festivities. Greg and Erica asked us to be Blake's Godparents, a task we very graciously accepted.

We spent Saturday evening watching the Kentucky Derby with Greg's folks and Erica's mom. We had Diane's famous stromboli and broccoli salad for dinner, followed up by an amazing strawberry cream pie that Greg's parents brought.

After dinner, the boys put together a putting contest for us, with very strict rules and regulations (Greg and Andy really were made for each other).

Sunday morning we all got to relax a little over coffee and we also got to play with Erica's nieces, Marie and Kaylan, they are adorable!  We then took turns getting dressed for church, though none of us looked as spectacular as sweet baby Blake.  She was beautiful in her mom's baptismal gown. 


The church service was wonderful, with lots of participation from the children in attendance and best of all, Erica went to school with the other parents whose babies were being baptised that morning, and with it being Mother's Day, I don't think you could ask for a better day to celebrate this amazing milestone. 

After church we headed back to Diane's for a celebratory luncheon where we all took turns loving on Blake. It was the perfect weekend to celebrate and we are so happy to have such a special place in Blake's life.


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