Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday night BBQ...

To cap off a great weekend we had Greg, Erica and Blake over for a little BBQ. We had quite a bit of leftovers from Bebe's party and they brought over potato salad and sliders to throw on the grill, so we had a pretty nice spread.

Adam and Blake hadn't seen one another for a few weeks so it was great to watch them interact. Mostly they just stared at each other, but we were able to snap some cute pictures.

Andy and Greg mostly just stared at each other as well, whilst enjoying their homemade watermelon martinis...yes, Erica and I have given up worrying about them, but we were able to snap some cute pictures.  ;)

It's always fun getting to have impromptu dinners with G&E and now B as well.  :)

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