Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Escape to Clearwater Beach, FL!

My company holds a conference every year in Clearwater Beach, Fl and so we used it as a great excuse for a mini-Mom & Dad vacation!  I headed down on Monday and then Andy joined me on Thursday just as my conference was wrapping up. 

We had such a great time just relaxing by the pool, laying on the beach, exploring the area and we even got in a dinner with cousin Melissa.  We ate well, enjoyed lots of fun beach drinks, and while we missed Adam, it was nice to be able to just close our eyes on the beach with no worries other than who was in charge of getting the next round! :)

Aside from all the relaxing, I'd have to say the best part was watching the sun set each night.  It never gets old watching the sun make its way down to the Gulf, pausing momentarily before it dips its toes in the water, then finally submerges, leaving in its wake a pink and purple sky.  Amazing, every time. 

Of course one night Andy tried to eat the sun...silly Andy.

We may have left our kid behind with Grandma and Grandpa (thanks again, by the way!) but we certainly found the kid inside of each of us while we were away.  I suppose that's what vacation is all about, re-charging, re-connecting, and re-living the feeling of being carefree, if only for a few days!

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