Monday, June 11, 2012

Camper Bistro...

We might be "camping" but you won't find us heating up a can of beans over the fire for dinner.  We've found ways to whip up fantastic meals on our various adventures and our recent trip to the Delaware Shore was no exception.

After noticing that we were staying right down the street from a perfect spot to hunt for mussels we immediately threw on our water shoes, emptied Adam's beach toy basket and rode our bikes down to the bay.  In less than five minutes we had all the mussels we needed for a great shell fish appetizer! 

For lunch the next day we found a local seafood market where we bought fresh sea scallops and big, pink shrimp that we turned into a light seafood salad.  We mixed up some Bloody Mary's with Old Bay and had the perfect beach day lunch while Adam napped.

Our vacation home on wheels might not have a gourmet kitchen but we love the challenge of finding creative ways to dish up "good eats!"

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